Maki Yaki Sushi and Long Beach Grand Prix

Thank you everyone for your well wishes about my mom. She was in good spirit when I visited today and is looking forward to getting out of the hospital. 

I spent most of my weekend spending time with my mom but once visitor hours were over, I was able to enjoy some sushi with Chris.

One of the best sushi I’ve ever tasted (either that or I was really hungry) was the bake salmon sushi I ordered. It was a California Roll topped with avocado and baked salmon.

I was camera-less during dinner because cameras are not allowed in the hospital so I haven’t been carrying it around. The pictures are courtesy of Chris’s camera phone.

Another great dish was the baked scallop sushi.


The rest of our dinner + tuna roll. I love love love seaweed salad. I always try to order it if it’s on the menu.

sushi collage

More fun pictures from the weekend.

Some fun facts—> Chris and I had our first date at the Long Beach Grand Prix. I was game to go because it sounded fun plus I knew there would be celebrities racing.

It has become our tradition to go every year, but this year I didn’t go because I was with my mom.

Chris checked out the race for one day (the race is all weekend  long) and took this picture of Brian Austin Green. He won the celebrity race last year and he raced again this year.


Megan Fox was also in attendance, but she was trying to hide from the cameras.

In the past, fan-friendly celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Adrian Brody and Zachary Levi have made an effort to interact with fans before the race.

Some fun pictures from past trips to the Long Beach Grand Prix.


We are always there early so we can get the best seats for the race (ready with earplugs).


Adrian Brody. I was surprise to see him race, I just assumed he’s not the racing type but I guess I was wrong.


Zachary Levi from the TV show Chuck and also from the Disney movie Tangled.  He was very nice.


It was fun getting in and out of this race car. Tougher than you think.

IMG_2606a IMG_2645 

I won the baggiest racing uniform of the day. Me with the Tecate girls. There was only a  one size fits all racing outfit for this photo op.


Going to the race is really fun.

We hope to get tickets again next year so I can go and continue our tradition.


  1. Glad to hear your Mom is feeling better. I’ve never seen sushi with cooked fish on top- how interesting! My sister loves watching car races

  2. I’m glad that your mom is feeling better! I wish her a speedy recovery! 🙂 That sushi looks very tasty! 🙂

  3. Sending good thoughts your Mama’s way 😉

    The race car suits you!

  4. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Glad your mom’s is feeling better hoping for a speedy recovery.

    Sushi looks good and hoping you had a great time in-spite of the your mom’s Situation.

  5. I’ve had sushi once!!! 🙂 It was really yummy. 🙂

  6. So happy your mom is feeling better. That sushi looks incredible, I’ve never had a baked salmon roll before. It looks amazing! And what fun pics at the Grand pix. I’m so jealous that Megan Fox was there! I have a huge girl crush on her lol 😀

  7. That sushi looks absolutely amazing!!!! Seaweed salad is definitely one of my favorite things ever!!!

  8. Glad to hear that your Mom is feeling better!

    ps. I love sushi!

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