I made it to the gym early this morning and took Body Pump class. It was my first time doing the new release, which was launched at my gym two weekends ago.

I like the new release because there’s a lot of variety. I actually finished the bicep track, when normally, I would have to stop and do every other rep towards the end during past releases.

My favorite tracks are chest, triceps and shoulders.  I carried my heaviest weight so far in Body Pump class during the squats track today. I used large, medium and small plates on each side, 35 lbs + 2.5 lbs barbell = 37.5 lbs total. 

I was sweating so much, I had to blink a few times towards the end because sweat were dripping down my forehead down my eyes (eewww!).

I ate breakfast before heading to the gym today. I missed eating my after dinner snack last night and woke up starving.

IMG_5806 Breakfast wasn’t pretty but it was tasty and kept me energized during Body Pump class.

La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla and microwaved with string cheese.


After the cheese has melted, I took it out of the microwave and added cooked 1 egg + 2 egg whites as stuffing.


I enjoyed eating it rolled-up style, because I love eating food I can roll-up.


Last night, when I pulled up on the driveway, I smelled a combination of food being grilled and also a strong grass smell.

After I walked in the door, Chris told me that he was almost done grilling fish for dinner. He is great at marinating fish and grilling them. Always delicious.

Salad, brown rice and grilled fish was our dinner last night.

IMG_4203a IMG_4201a

During dinner, Chris thought that the heater was on because he was feeling heat on his back.

We later found out that his back was burnt from mowing the loan earlier in the afternoon. That’s where the heat was coming from. Ouch!  His back looked like a lobster and felt like a warm cup of tea.


Multiple layers of aloe vera lotion afterwards, the lobster Chris was able to go to sleep comfortably on his back.


Mental note: bring a lot of Aloe Vera lotion supply to Mexico next month. We don’t want any lobster wedding pictures 😦

Speaking of wedding, I have fun plans tonight with my wonderful friends. My friends from high school are hosting a bridal shower for me. I’m so excited to see them and can’t wait to celebrate.

Bridal Shower invite

I went thru my closet and pulled out some dresses I wanted to wear tonight. I haven’t decided what I want to wear yet, but I’m leaning towards something pink and bright!


I hope I’m not too sore from Body Pump to carry a glass (or two, or three) of wine tonight. 

Easter colors moonlighting as our wedding colors. Tonight will be very colorful, literally!


Have a fun Saturday!


  1. i LOVE all the bright colours in this post! I like the two dresses on the left side the best 🙂

    This release of body pump is literally hardest ever I could not move the next day haha hopefully your hands work tonight 😉

  2. YES! The new release is totally kick butt. I love the music & the moves. The shoulders track may be the hardest one yet. Good stuff 🙂 What a great din din the man made! Ouch to the burn! Have fun at your shower! I love the back left dress. I had my baby shower today 🙂

    • I love it when Chris makes dinner 🙂

      Awww, hope you had a blast today at your baby shower. I bet you are surrounded with a LOT of pink and girly colors and probably still smiling from ear to ear from all the love you were surrounded with today. I’m sending virtual baby love your way too.I’m excited to see pictures.

  3. Ooo I vote for either of the two dresses in the back. Have a fabulous time 🙂

  4. Oh no! His back really looks like it hurts! Aloe Vera always helps me when I get a burn. 🙂

  5. Ouch that is one burn!! Have fun at the shower, I love the red and pink one at the back. So springy 😀

  6. Hope you have fun at the bridal shower!!! 😀
    We actually keep a container of aloe vera in our fridge….it makes it feel even better when applied to a sunburn!!!

  7. poor chris! hope he heals quickly! LOVE the dresses. obviously, i love every thing you wear. every single item! my faves are the one shoulder dress to the right and the 2 colored purple one! so pretty.

  8. I swear you always have the cutest dresses!!! ❤ I have never not liked an outfit you posted or posed in! haha

    Your wrap looks like a really great + quick breakfast! I'll have to keep some string cheese on hand – i heart that idea!

    and omggggggggg red as a lobster! your poor fiance!!!!

    • Thanks girl. I’m just really lucky that I have access to really good deals on cute clothes, plus I enjoy wearing them too.

      I had that same breakfast again the next day. It’s simple but keeps me satisfied and full, probably because the whole wheat wrap has plenty of fiber and high in protein.

  9. Youch! That sunburn looks terrible!! I hope it gets better soon!

    Those dresses are all gorgeous!!

  10. Holy burnt!!! Yikes!

    I hope your bridal shower is amazing! I know it will be! Geez I love all the dresses! Cant wait to see which one you chose!!!

    xoxo ❤

  11. oh man sunburns are the worst. Definitely bring sunscreen and aloe vera to Mexico! Hope he feels better soon.

  12. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Yikes, Not Good they say Noxema helps because it sooths and taking an aspirin when you get burned helps with not continuing to bake.

    Because after you leave lets say the beach you are still baking so Aspirin stops it from continuing. Have you ever noticed that when you left the beach you didn’t look so burned at all but then later you did, well that’s why.

    Hope he feels better.

    Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous. = )


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