Bridal Shower Recap (Part I)

I am going to split my bridal shower recaps because there are so many things I want to remember during these special celebrations leading up to the wedding. They are going to be very detailed recap, they are for me and to preserve each precious memory so I can look back down the road and not miss a single thing.

If you want to read the shorter summary, you can click —> here.

This past weekend I had my wonderful bridal shower hosted by my long time high school friends.  My group of friends since freshman year in high school.


I was really touched with all the details and all the guests that attended. I noticed every.single.detail and at one point was overwhelmed looking at everything. It was so special and I want to remember everything.

I didn’t expect to be surprised when I walked in and seeing the set-up and everyone’s smiling faces. I actually thought I would go to the party, and I would start greeting guests as they come in. Instead, they all greeted me when I arrived.


Can you believe these signs were handmade? They were so pretty (thanks Kat and Chris).


These beautiful billowy fluff of pinkness were also handmade. (thanks Stefanie, you’ve got talent with those scissors).


I am easily entertained and distracted by pretty pink things. Can you tell?


As I walked around the room saying hi and giving hugs to everyone, I had so much I wanted to say to each person but I was loss for words and all that came out were the words “thank you”.

I’m a very sentimental person, each of my friends holds a special place in my heart, and I don’t know if it’s because I am being extra sensitive during these last few months of wedding planning, but I can’t help but remember our high school days and everything that we have gone thru as friends all these years. It is pretty damn special.

IMG_1667aIMG_1676aIMG_4265aIMG_4258a04-23-11 Bridal Shower104-23-11 Bridal Shower2 IMG_1682aIMG_4280IMG_1647aIMG_4333

Me with all three of my younger sisters.



Wine tasting was the theme for the bridal shower. We had a plethora of snacks and finger foods.  IMG_5846aIMG_6524 IMG_5848aIMG_5837a IMG_5838aIMG_5839aWS1

Mid-way thru the dessert table ambush 🙂


Each guests brought a wine bottle to share and it seems like we had as much dessert as the number of wine bottles.

No dessert left behind. We don’t mess around.


After we stuffed our mouths with delicious treats. We then played a wine tasting game.


For party favors, everyone received a glass of wine filled with dark chocolate (great pairings with wine), and their own wine glass charm.


Mine was a seahorse. The seahorse has a special meaning to me because it reminds me of Chris and this inside joke we have about seahorses during our first trip to Monterey when we first started dating.


My friend Amie explained the easy rules “drink and guess the wine”.


We enjoyed the wine with the chocolate pairings. While Amie went around the room and poured the wine, some of us got too excited and poured it for ourselves (I’m looking at you Lizelle!).


The winner! I guess Gerry knows a lot about wines with “hints of leather”, he won a bottle of wine and pretty pink box filled with Hawaiian cookies


Loved, loved, loved everything!

To  my friends, thank you for sharing this celebration with me and a million thank you to my friends who put it all together.

Part II coming up.


  1. Everything looked perfect! ❤

  2. Wow this is so beautiful! The post is very artistic and it looks like such a blast.

  3. I love that you did a huge post on this and put every detail, this is a important time in your life and it only happens once! The shower was amazing! I love the idea of the wine game! I think that is so cool!!

    Love ya girl! Hope your birthday week was amazing too!


  4. So wonderful 🙂 I love the decorations, the food, everything!! The favors are super cute too. They definitely put so much into this. You have fabulous friends

  5. All of the special details are fabulous, from the display tags, to setting up the wine tasting, to the food, to the favors. Your friends rock!

  6. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Hey Lea,

    Everything looks absolutely beautiful all I can say is Awww..

    I cant wait to read more and more I love reading stuff like this it just makes my day.

    Hugs to you. You have a great set of friends there.


  7. lizelle manuel sierra says:

    Friends for life!

  8. What a beautiful bridal shower– everything looks so perfect and classy!

    The food spread looks amazing:) hope you enjoyed your day

  9. Everything looks beautiful! Definitely a shower to remember 😀

  10. I love the colors! So bright and cheery. Looks like a lot of love went into that party!

  11. Happy belated bday! It looks like your shower was lovely. It’s so great that you have kept in touch with friends from highschool for so long, too! I don’t keep in touch with many of my highschool friends anymore at all.

    I really like the idea of a wine tasting game, too! Super creative!

  12. everything looks so pretty!! i love your dress! you looked gorgeous. i love the decorations too. and i’m obsesssssssed with amie’s dress. let me know if you know who makes it!

  13. LOVE your dress girl!! LOoks like a blast!

  14. What a beautiful bridal shower! I love all of the colors and the details! The wine game seems like so much fun and I love the favors! What a special day! 🙂 Love your dress!

  15. Such beautiful pictures and such a creative bunch of friends! =)

  16. What a beautiful, brightly colored shower! Everyone’s outfits are so cute and I want to steal so many of those dresses. 🙂

  17. Justin Bieber says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I was looking for a good explanation and you broke it down easy enough for even a newbie to understand.


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