Chelsea Lately Show

It has been awhile since I bought soymilk, I’ve been using almond milk for years because I prefer the taste of it. Last week at Wholefoods, I picked up a new-to-me Earth Balance soymilk. I like it. I’ve forgotten how creamy soymilk can be or it could be that this brand is the creamy kind. […]

Learning to love collard greens

I’ve enjoyed a lot of sweet treats this weekend and as much as I’ve enjoyed every  bite, it always leave me wanting for more and more sugar. I’m glad it’s Monday because I’m back to my routine of eating healthy food, which means I try to get my dose of vegetables and fruits in during […]

Sweet Celebrations

What do I consider sweet celebrations? A whole day of spending quality time with my family and enjoying some sweets and some celebrations. This weekend my nephew Jonah is one month old. Look how chubby his face has become. My teeny tiny little chub chub. This is his favorite sleeping position. My younger sister Berna […]

Flashforward Friday

Typically on Fridays, we do flashback Friday. Well, we are going to change it up a bit here and do a “flashforward” Friday, you know, like the in the show “Lost”. Flashforward Friday will be to our wedding day. A small glimpse of our wedding day in Puerto Vallarta, 1 month and 3 weeks from […]

No peanut butter left behind (OIAJ)

A few years ago, I thought there was only one kind of peanut butter. The only kind I knew was the one sold at regular supermarket, you know, just plain peanut butter. Who knew there were so many kinds of nut butters? So many flavors? I think there’s a butter for every nut. If there’s […]