Dance as though no one is watching

You  know summer is on it’s way when you have fresh, sweet and juicy pineapples at the farmers market. We have been enjoying pineapple the last few weeks and it inspired me to make this dish. I love eating pizza but I don’t like the bloated feeling I get afterwards. I made my own healthier version […]

Disney Nights & Pancake Weekend

It was definitely a pancake weekend for me. I made pancakes twice, on back to back mornings. I enjoyed them after the hike on Saturday and also made them the following morning. I normally don’t eat pancakes for breakfast because they don’t satisfy me. I can eat a plate full, be stuffed and feel hungry […]

The Hills

Another fun weekend in the books. What a great way to start the month of April. Chris’s bachelor party was this weekend so I stayed busy by planning some fun activities with my girlfriends. On Saturday, bright and early, we met at 6:30 am to go hiking at Peters Canyon. Same hiking trail that Chris […]


Chris and I both enjoy eating at Soup Plantation. I love that I can create a salad with as much vegetables and topping that I want. He loves it because he can eat and taste everything he wants until his belly is about to explode.    The price is very reasonable for what you get. […]

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Happy first day of April to everyone! I’m excited that it’s April because it’s my birthday month 🙂 It is hot, hot, hot in here. Yesterday our temps reached 90 degrees and it was the first time I slept with the bedroom door open and windows open. I didn’t realize our neighbors got a new […]