It’s a jolly Monday around here, my stiff neck is gone and my perky attitude is back. After sleeping pillow-less on Friday night, it felt so much better on Saturday morning.

It’s a new day and a new week, one day closer to our wedding 🙂 I greeted the day with delicious  and thick pancakes.


Kodiak pancakes topped with banana, coconut flakes, peanut butter and a mix of coconut oil + maple syrup as syrup.

What I love about the Kodiak pancake mix is that it’s so easy and quick. The whole grain pancake mix has milk and honey already included so all you have to do is add water. I miss these dense but at the same time soft & chewy pancakes. The last time I made them, I still had pumpkin around.

I added thinly sliced bananas while cooking the pancakes using coconut oil. Oh so fragrant!


Caramelized (is that even a word?) banana and made them even sweeter.


I used 1/2 cup pancake mix + 1/2 cup water. I had 3 thick pancakes total, the 3rd one went straight in my mouth.


My friend Evie gifted me with this colorful cup from her recent trip to the Philippines. Thank you Evie, I love it! She also gave me a bag of dried mangoes, but those were inhaled so fast. In my opinion, the dried mangoes from the Philippines is the tastiest from all the ones I’ve tried.


As usual, breakfast is served with a side of wedding magazines.


Weekend Recap

Our community held their annual garage sale and I participated to clear a lot of extra clothes and shoes I no longer wear.

garage sale 1New Folder (2)1

I took the pictures after the crowds left, so the party dresses, shoes and accessories were all gone.

There was a great turnout and I plan to participate again next year. I sold half of the items, and the rest went into my Goodwill donation bin.

On Sunday, I woke up very early for an early hike with friends, at our favorite hiking spot in Orange County.

The weather was cold and gloomy.


What started out as a hike, ended up being a trail run after it started sprinkling on us.


It was actually fun to run the trails. I might do it again.


Partial group picture, the other girls brought their puppies so we took a picture while waiting for them.


After we finished the hike, we went our separate ways to go celebrate with our moms for Mother’s Day.

Instead of giving my mom bouquet of flowers, I opted for fresh plants instead. My mom loves to do gardening and her plant collection is growing.


We ate at BCD Tofu House because it’s one of my mom’s favorite restaurant. She loves that they offer organic tofu.


Tofu soup with mushroom and onion, served on a sizzling hot stone pot.


We also tried a new-to-us dish. Bibimpab (try saying that 3x).


Rice with all sorts of veggies. The taste of harmony.


Topped with raw egg, which gets cooked from the hot stone.


All mix up. This was good, I can’t believe I waited so long to try this dish.


Did I mention that you can serve yourself ice cream on mini-cups? My sister and I went to the ice cream bar several times.


My mom loves this restaurant because of the many side dishes they offer with your entree. She loves eating them. She said that she can eat a lot and not feel too full afterwards.

My nephew Jonah also joined in on the celebration and he was behaved while we ate our dinner.


  1. actorsdiet says:

    i LOVE bcd tofu house! i just realized i haven’t been in at least 2 years b/c i have never blogged about it!

  2. Roxan says:

    I totally agree – dried mangoes from the philippines are the best!
    And BCD is my favorite tofu house too 🙂 I’m glad you liked the dol sot bibimbap. Whenever I get that, I smash the rice against the pot so it turns nice and crispy.

  3. good ol’ bibimbap! 😀 yummm. ahhhh loved this post, so fun! boy thats alotta cute shoes ❤

  4. What a fantastic weekend 🙂 I haven’t tried kodiak mix yet, but I really want to – it gets such rave reviews. Glad the yard sale went well- I would have nabbed those yellow shoes- how cute. I miss hiking- I need to convince Josh to go again. And Happy Mother’s day (belated) to your Mom and sister!! That bowl looks totally delicious. Eggs+rice+veggies is so good

  5. Sounds like a great week!!!!
    That restaurant looks really good, and the bibimbap sounds awesome!

  6. Those pancakes look amazing! I’ve heard such good things about Kodiak cakes! Caramelized bananas sound yummy!

    That restuarant looks great! So much good food! 🙂

  7. Yes yes yes girl! One day closer to marrying your amazing man!!!

    the tofu soup looks amazing! I would be all over that! How good!!!

    Im glad your mom was treated to a wonderful mothers day !

    Have a great day love!! xoxo

  8. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Those pancakes look delicious and with Bananas my favorite go-to any time of the day quick snack. = )

    What a beautiful time you had especially being with your mother. Awesome!

    In Alhambra where I live they have a Tofu House. I haven’t checked it out but I’ve been wanting to for awhile now you have me thinking about it again, just because of the name.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your wedding, I’m so excited for you. I will be following but it won’t be anything like yours simple just Him & I with our daughters (he has fraternal twins and I have one) The beautiful thing about it is they love each other and they get along. = )

  9. That’s quite the spread you got rid of at the garage sale, but it probably felt oh so good! I love cleaning out my closets!

  10. caramelized is definitely a word and a GREAT one to use with bananas. YUM. i need to start using my coconut oil!

  11. Haha YES caramelized is a word! Love anything caramelized. Especially bananas and onions. Kodiak mix is my fave! It’s made here local!

  12. Wow those pancakes look incredible, definitely delicious! Glad you had a wonderful weekend 😀

  13. I’m glad to hear you’re neck is feeling better!

    That restaurant sounds fantastic. I’d love to try bibimbap!

  14. Yay for peters canyon! Love that hike! That pumpkin pie bowl looks REALLY good, my stomach is growling!

  15. I love bibimbap, especially with a healthy squirt of hot sauce!

  16. Bibimbap…haven’t had that in a long time. Oh and those pancakes! *drool*

  17. all of that food looks sooo wonderful….especially that tofu mushroom and onion soup, and those pancakes!!

  18. Carmelized is a word fo sho! Everything is better carmelized!! Those pancakes look amazing!

  19. oooh I love how that raw egg just cooks over everything – yum!

    nice job getting rid of your stuff – cute stuff BTW! I know it feels good to purge all of the clothes/shoes/etc. you no longer want – bet your closet is thanking you!

  20. I bet it would be fun to run trails but I’d be scared of injuries. I’ve had so many running on flats that running on uneven, rocky ground would spell disaster for me!

  21. I love Kodiak Cakes! I don’t believe I’ve ever tried them with pumpkin though, but what a great idea!

    Ah, I didn’t realize I missed your wedding! I’m just catching up now from my surprise trip out of the country. I can’t wait to read all about it.

    ps. I totally agree about the dried mangos from the Philippines! 😉
    pps. I love your new mug!
    ppps. Oooh, I always wondered what Bibimap was. It looks really yummy!

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