Surprise BBQ and Wedding DIY

This weekend I enjoyed myself being surrounded by wedding DIY projects and doing arts and crafts.

I really love doing creative and hands-on projects like scrapbooking and other crafts. I love that the you can see the finish product in a matter of days. So you get to enjoy your labor as soon as you are done.

I completed three projects and one of them is pictured below, I just did the finishing touches on this one. I designed majority of it and sent it off for printing. Then I assembled it at home.

IMG_6976 IMG_6962

On Monday, the first batch went out for mailing.


I will show you the whole project once everyone has received it in the mail, hopefully at the end of the week.

Of all the task that I had to complete this week for the wedding, I enjoyed this part the most and I can imagine going on for days, if only time allowed it.

Another fun project this weekend was baking Magical Coconut Cookie bars. I brought the dish for a potluck.


My friend Amy turned 30 recently and we threw a surprised BBQ party for her.

The girls waiting for the birthday girl to arrive.


Getting ready for the surprise…..




Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without King’s Hawaiian cakes. These seems to be everyone’s favorite these days and I can see why. They are rich and delicious. If you think you have seen them before, you have. We had the same cake at my bridal shower.


We had plenty of good food. We had Thai dishes, filipino dishes, sandwiches and BBQ. I had a taste of everything.



I haven’t really paid much attention to the forecast lately and was surprised to wake-up to rain. It made me crave hot bowl of oats, last week I was eating smoothies or toast for breakfast.

Today’s bowl was a remake of Carrot Cake oatmeal. I had fresh pineapple so I added it to the mix too.


The icing for this bowl is Chobani’s Lemon flavored greek yogurt, that Chobani sent me as samples. It was a great addition to the oat bowl, it added a little tang to the mix. It’s better not to mixed it in the whole bowl,  but to taste it as you scoop each spoonful.


Last time I checked at Target, they didn’t carry this flavor yet so I’m glad I got the chance to sample it. I’m not really a fan of lemon flavor in general, so I didn’t love this flavor as much as I love the pineapple one. However, I like that it’s not very sweet and that the citrusy flavor adds a refreshing taste in the yogurt.

Chunks! I love chunks. Chunky monkey.


I can’t wait to eat mangoes everyday during our honeymoon.

We are low on groceries already, didn’t get a chance to stop by the store this weekend.

Lunch today was courtesy of the frozen aisle at Costco.


I overcooked it a little bit, but it was still good. It was crispy and flavorful. A serving is 1/3 of the pizza, but I ate half before I was satisfied.


Oh so crispy and yummy. Get in my belly!


It reminded me of the last “pizza for one” dish I made and that I need to make it again soon.

A big bowl of salad on the side that includes lettuce, shredded carrots, feta cheese, dried cranberries and toasted almonds.


Salad was dressed with Trader Joe’s raspberry vinaigrette. This dressing goes well whenever there are dried cranberries and cheese in the salad mix, it just balance it out.


Do you buy frozen pizzas from the store? What’s your favorite brand?

P.S. Congratulations to Alice D, from the UK.  She won  a box of  Barney Butter’s single serve squeeze packs from the Barney Butter giveaway 


  1. Have you had the Kashi frozen pizza? So good!

    Love all your DIY work =)

    • thanks girl. No, I’ve never had their pizza before but I have tasted their bowls. Is the pizza only for 1 serving or does it come in large? I guess I will find out when I go look for it.

  2. Wow! Your invites look gorgeous!!! And the party sounds like fun- what a great group of friends you have!! I love lemon and chobs but the lemon chobs is a little too strong for me!

  3. Those invites look awesome!!

    I had frozen pizza for lunch today myself, ha. Sometimes you can’t beat a quick frozen pizza.

    • You’re right, sometimes I just get a pizza craving and eating the frozen ones will satisfy me. I don’t want to order a whole pizza and have leftovers for days.

  4. I gotta see more of the cake! =P

    I need to be inspired to make good oatmeal again, but since I have to prepare it outside the home, it’s tough.

  5. Those cakes look sooo good!!!!!!!!!
    We don’t usually buy a lot of frozen food….mostly because its pretty expensive here!

  6. I love your wedding diy’s! I can’t wait until you post more about them! I am looking to do some diy stuff for my wedding. So I’d love some inspiration! 🙂

    My favorite frozen pizza is Freschetta. I think they make the best tasting frozen pizza by far 🙂

    • Thanks, a lot of my DIY are geared towards destination wedding but hopefullly the sources I’ve used will have other inspiration for you. I’ve really enjoyed getting inspiration from DIY wedding blogs. Freshetta? I think I have seen them before at the supermarket. They have thick dough right? or that’s what it looks like from the box.

      • That would be perfect for me because I’m having a destination wedding too! We are getting married in Disney World! 🙂 It depends what variety of the pizza you get. There is one with thick dough. You should try it! They post coupons on their facebook page 🙂

  7. I love love love AMy’s Frozen pizzas (plus they come GF)! That BBQ looks awesome, nothing better than surprising a friend! 🙂

  8. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Wow Lea those Wedding DIY’s are so pretty, way to go.

    Oh wow all that food looks yummy and those bars O.O.

    That’s one of my favorite salads by the way.

    Glad you’re having fun I’m yet to make and taste that carrot cake oatmeal you came up with. Soon I hope.


  9. You are so creative! Can’t wait to see those invites. Oh and thanks for introducing that cake place. I hope I am in that area soon. I am curious to try some now.

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