I’ve got the dress

I’ve got to be honest, even though I am physically here at home getting ready for our wedding, mentally, I am already in Mexico.

If you go inside my mind right now, these images are what you will see.  I’ll have the pictures do all the talking.

We are so close that I can almost taste and feel it.


We are so close, I can smell the ocean breeze and the fresh flowers.


We are so close, I can already see my happy colors, deep pink hues.

groom 2a

We are so close, I can almost touch these.


We are so close, that I can almost taste these too.


I’ve dreamt about all of the above the last few days.

Today, I had my final dress fitting. After I found “my wedding dress” last December, I waited months before it was ready. After a few fittings, the wedding dress is ready and it is in my possession now.


My sister has accompanied me during every fitting. I’m happy to have her by my side every time I put on the dress, because it feels special every time.

She is my maid of honor and today, they taught her to tie the bustles for my dress. There’s a diagram for the bustles and they are color coded. It looks easy enough, just need plenty of hand to tie it all together.


While they prep the dress one last time before I could take it home, my sister and I went scavenging for fun things to try on. After all, we were at one of the biggest bridal salon in the West Coast. We wanted to play dress up.

Hmmm, lets see.

I found my head gear for the next royal wedding.


To veil or not to veil?


My Carrie Bradshaw type of dress, this is what I would wear if I was invited to a Sex and The City wedding.


I asked my sister to try this on for when she gets married in the future, but she said it was too simple. The lace on this dress was so pretty, and the details is what caught my eye.


It was a lot of fun playing dress-up with my sister. We were giggling a lot and laughing at each other.

Now on to dinner.

Dinner that is quick and easy is perfect for weeknight preparation. This mix is similar to fajita mix, but I baked it instead of frying it.

  • 1 whole Turkey Kielbasa, sliced bite size
  • 1 big onion, chopped. It looks like a lot but it will wilt after the dish is cooked.
  • 2 or 3 bell peppers, chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste

Mix everything together and put on a baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30-35 minutes, stirring the mixture every once in a while.

The turkey kielbasa was extra  lean and I think next time, I would use sausage that has a little more fat.


After the turkey mix was cooked, it was sizzling on the baking dish and it smelled so good.

Then it was time to create his and hers plate.

For Chris’s plate, I sliced whole wheat bread and stuffed it with cheese and the turkey mix. Pop in the microwave or toaster oven until the cheese melts. He had 2 servings.


For my plate, I used La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla and created a wrap.  I stuffed it with the turkey mix and cheese sticks. Put it in the microwave for a minute or until the cheese melts.


We both use Sriracha and sprinkled it all over our plate to add a little kick to our food.


Easy peasy dinner for two. The whole recipe serves 4-5 people, so we have leftovers for tomorrow.

What are your easiest and quickest dinner recipes?


  1. oh my gosh! Your wedding is going to be SO gorgeous! I can’t believe you have your dress- awesome 🙂 And what a yummy dinner. I’m always a big fan of a healthier take on Mexican

  2. Wow I don’t even know whee to begin but those dresses are gorgeous. You are going to be one beautiful bide.

    Your food makes me cave sausage right now ha!

  3. Lea this is so exciting! I’m so happy for you and you’re going to look gorgeous even though you already do~I’ve been not so up to date, but where did you get the dress again? and when’s the big day?! ahhhh Mexico sounds sweet right now 😀

    • I got the address at Mon Amie bridal saloon in Costa Mesa here in Orange County. I tried on about 10 dresses and went back to the one I loved the most. Our wedding day is next Monday, May 30th at sunset in Puerto Vallarta at a private beach.

  4. rickyb64 says:

    Simply stunning. You are going to be a gorgeous bride.

  5. You are going to be gorgeous!!!! So awesome that you got your dress! 😀

  6. Yay for getting your wedding dress! I cannot wait to see your wedding pictures! I bet everything is going to be absolutely goregous! I love your colors too! 🙂

  7. I am SO excited for you! Congrats on getting your wedding dress…you are going to look beautiful in it for sure.

    I can’t wait for your recap.

  8. YES, you do! That must be so exciting!

  9. Oh how I love love love trying on wedding dresses. There is nothing more fun I swear!

    Make sure to bring some safety pins in case your bustle falls, which is not uncommon.

    I’m so excited for you!

  10. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    I remember back in the day when I ate Polska Kilbasa (did I spell that right?) anyway I would toss it with onions and bell peppers just like you did yumm. I can taste it too. eeps.

    You guys are so funny love the joking and playfulness.

    By the way that dress would fit perfect in a SITC Scene. LOL

    I’m so excited for you I have a knot in my stomach just thinking about it for you and for me. = )

    Happy for you!

  11. Ahhhhhh I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to see pics.

  12. Oh I completely understand your excitement and anticipation! I’m getting married in October and everyday I feel like I can’t wait until THE day! You’re going to have a beautiful wedding. Enjoy it because I hear it passes all too quickly 🙂

  13. I would love to just go and try on different dresses lol How super exciting that you found your dream dress!! 😀

    • It is fun trying on different and over the top dresses…you know, dresses I couldn’t afford or would not wear, lol! You should go to a bridal salon and just try on dresses with your friends for fun.

  14. What an exciting post!! PS, that Carrie Bradshaw-esque dress is HOT!

    • Thanks Kaitlin. I actually tried that dress on when I first started looking for dresses. I agree, the dress looks hot….and also, literally, it was hot while wearing it too. I was sweating a little bit, lol1

  15. How beautiful! Enjoy your day, don’t sweat the small stuff and live every moment of it….and I do love the “Carrie” dress! =D


  16. Congratulations and I hope you have an amazing day! I love those dresses! I chose a simple dress, but it was still pretty and princessy. And there’s only one day you’ll be able to get away with an over the top headress, so I figure, might as well go for it!


  17. Your big day is almost here girl! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!! it will all be real, after all the planning and counting down, the day will be here! You will be the most beautiful bride! love u!!!


  1. […] I brought home the dress last week, it has been taking up a lot of room, a whole sofa on it’s […]

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