A side of tropical fruits

I’m back to my regular schedule and routine at home. It took 2 days to feel like myself again and get my energy back. But I’m up and running and excited to get ready for the next trip.

I received some emails regarding Dreams Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta, so here are my thoughts.

Dreams PV

Why did you pick the hotel?

I picked the hotel because I received good reviews from previous brides and once I did my own research, it was the best value for what the hotel had to offer. We definitely got our money’s worth. I also picked it because the hotel allowed kids, which was a must because my niece was my flower girl and we wanted our family and friends to bring their kids if they wanted that option. Four kids traveled with us and they had a great time. There is an Explorer Club at the hotel where you can leave your kids if you want to enjoy some romantic time with your partner.

The hotel is not a Spring Break type of hotel. There are different activities at night, but it’s not a party hotel. But you can catch a quick cab ride to downtown PV and party there if you want. The hotel also has a package to take shuttle you in downtown, including entry fee to the club and all you can drink alcohol for a small charge.

Our guests did not get bored. There were plenty of activities for kids, parents, singles and our older guests who just wanted to relax.

Did you feel safe at the hotel?

Yes, we did feel safe traveling to Mexico and especially while we were in the hotel. Everyone that comes in and out of the hotel is accounted for, they keep track of you at the gate every time you leave. Whenever we had to take a taxi and leave the hotel, the staff at the gate would ask for your information and where you are going.

We also loved the fact that we had a private beach. The hotel is tuck in between mountains and the beach was used only by hotel guests.

Did you get married at the hotel?

No, we stayed at the hotel but our wedding was at Las Caletas. It’s a private beach, only accessible by boat. However, the hotel does weddings and we saw a few during our stay. But I wanted a more private setting, without having to worry about hotel guests in their bathing suits in the background and having distractions during the wedding ceremony, that’s why we chose a secluded spot.


We ate breakfast every day at the buffet restaurant. I always filled up my plate with fruits. When temps is already at mid-70s early in the morning, I craved something cold and refreshing. I always started with a light breakfast, then a full lunch and usually a heavy dinner because in Mexico, and while you are on vacation, dinner lasted 4 hours each night.

IMG_7697IMG_7696 IMG_7701IMG_7693IMG_7704

 They also offered fresh green juice that I enjoyed daily. It had blended spinach, cucumber and other greens that I loved.

I also enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal, and added plenty of toppings. They had a toppings bar that had granola, nuts, coconuts and dried fruits.


On mornings when we had eaten a huge dinner, I woke up still full and ate coconut yogurt and egg while omelet made fresh to order.


Because Chris and I woke up fairly early, well, early for vacation time, we always had the best seats.

We would eat together first and go over our day before everyone else started their day. Then as our guests started to come down from their hotel room and ate their breakfast, we would visit each table and try to spend time with them.


There were plenty of options for breakfast, from light breakfast to heavy dishes like stews and burritos.


I also found Lilo every morning, I mean my niece Jazzy having a great time during breakfast.


I’m off to do Body Pump today. Bring on the burn.

Have a fun start to your weekend!


  1. Lol! Lilo and stitch! Your niece is such a cutie!

    And hold up… coconut yogurt?! *nuts* YUM! God this resort sounds amazing. I must tell husband about it. And look at that food! 😀

  2. The breakfast at dreams/secrets is the best!! I could not get enough dried and fresh fruit!! Your niece is so cute. Hope pump was awesome

  3. actorsdiet says:

    it’s been so fun to read about all your wedding adventures. i was in puerto vallarta years ago for a family vacay and remember it so fondly. congrats again!!!

  4. That food looks great! The coconut yogurt sounds delicious! This resort really looks amazing 🙂

  5. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    That’s great – a private beach location for a wedding and no background distractions is a good idea I wouldn’t have thought that was possible.

    Thanks for the info I’m really interested in going and checking out the hotel and PV.


  1. […] A side of tropical fruits « Healthy Coconut But you can catch a quick cab ride to downtown PV and party there if you want. The hotel also has a package to take shuttle you in downtown, including entry fee to the club and all you can drink alcohol for a small […]

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