Mabuhay – Honeymoon Part I

Hello friends!

I am writing this post on Sunday, 10am our local time. It will get posted on the blog, depending on when we will have internet access.

We are beginning our Day 3 of our honeymoon. We have a little bit of downtime before we get picked up to take a boat ride to our second destination.

Where in the world are we?


Can you guess our destination on the board below?


We flew 16 hours to the Philippines, once we arrive in Manila, we took another 1.5 hour flight to reach our destination somewhere in an island on the southern tip of the country. Philippines consist of 7,000+ islands.

Hello from the lobby of  hotel #1, island #1.


We explored local attractions and discovered how lush it is here.


I’ve seen many plants and flowers that I have never seen before.

IMG_8483a IMG_8462a

This hanging plant was more beautiful in person. It looked fake.


I have been admiring the beautiful display of tropical flowers every where.

IMG_8271IMG_8270IMG_8544a IMG_8261a

We hung out with the locals and the natives from this island.

IMG_8515aIMG_8507 IMG_8522IMG_8508 IMG_8527IMG_8551a

You can see our next destination in the background, across the ocean.


We went ziplining. Oh yeah, we did. So exhilarating and so much fun.


Scary at first, then it turns to fun immediately right after take off.

IMG_8620IMG_8631aIMG_8624a IMG_8623

Since we were already feeling adventurous, we wanted to try all the different local fruits and stopped by the roadside fruit stand.


Found a fruit called Marang. It was very fragrant.

IMG_8678a IMG_8721a

What the fruit looks like inside. It is sweet and soft. There’s a seed inside that you spit out after you eat the outer soft shell.


The stinkiest fruit in the whole world, Durian. It’s not allowed in our hotel because the smell is very strong and most people don’t like it.


Just double checking….oh yeah, it stinks and it’s not even opened yet. I’ve had it before but I wanted Chris to try it for the first time. We bought it, but have not been brave enough to eat it yet. Even Andrew Zimmerman from the Travel Network had to say no to this fruit. And that’s saying a lot since he has eaten bugs during his travel.


Other fun things? These things the local called mickey mouse. I was intrigued and wanted to try it thinking it was a fruit. It’s actually a plant and used for decorations. Ooops, good thing we asked before we started eating it.



IMG_8691 IMG_8705aIMG_8709a

The first leg of our trip (Day 1 and 2) was more about exploring the city and getting acquainted with the weather, the food and the culture.

The next destination will be more relaxation and water activities.

We are staying in a hut that is above water. I am so excited to see it and get to cross off one thing from my  travel wish list 🙂

I’ll catch up with you guys soon. I hope you have been enjoying the guests posts on the blog 🙂

As the locals would say it, Mabuhay!


  1. i can’t get over how pretty the flowers are. and i love your outfit!

  2. oh my gosh! So cool! What a great honeymoon location! The flowers are gorgeous and the fruits…pure craziness! I want to try a Marang! Enjoy the rest of the trip

  3. Looks like you are having an amazing time!!!!

  4. What a blast!

    I think I had some similar fruits in Nicaragua. Neat!

  5. OMG the Philippines!! Where are you staying? So jealous. I’ll be there in September, can’t wait!

  6. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Awesome! Those flowers are breathtaking yet alone beautiful! I’m glad to see you are having fun and Ziplining that’s what Alex and I want to do some day even if it’s local we don’t mind.

    We had a gathering and our office one day and we had to guess fruit with our eyes closed ( I didn’t do it by the way) our manager had brought Durian LOL and they opened it oh my it stunk so pad I went around spraying some body spray and it just didn’t do it it made the smell worst. LOL

    One lady was so annoyed by the smell that she got it and threw it in the trash and took the trash can out in the lobby. LOL OH my how bold huh?!

    I heard that aside from the smell it had a custardy taste to it, shrug don’t know but I wouldn’t dare try it. ><


  7. I actually eat durian, and grew up with it. So it’s funny to me when people tell me how horrible they are, because I don’t mind it.

    Zip-lining is one of my bucket-list items!

    Hope you’re having fun!!

  8. Ahh these photos make me want to go back to the Philippines so badly! Last time I went was about 13 years ago. I’m loving your photos too, everything just looks so beautiful and fun. Looking forward to hearing more about your honeymoon adventures!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love that you did a zipline jungle tour – we did one on our honeymoon and I thought it was too much fun. I’m loving these bright colors on you – you look like a starburst!!

  10. I am beyond jealous! Everything looks amazing 😀

  11. Loving these, Lea! Have SUCH a great time – it looks incredible! I am so jealous of your hut above the water 🙂

  12. How beautiful Lea! All the flowers and fruit look awesome. I wanna see pics of your hut above the water. Wishing I was you…

  13. how cool is this?!! I loved this adventure through your pics. hahah Durian!! I remember those bad boys~from Myanmar. 😛 And those are some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen–can’t wait for more updates!

  14. Wow it is so beautiful there! The colors are just amazing. Love all the exotic fruits even the stinky durian. I am not a huge fan but I am not put off by it either. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photos.

  15. It looks so beautiful there, I love the picture of you with the Durian. Too cute!

  16. Beautiful pictures! I’m so glad that you and hubby are having a wonderful honeymoon! Have a great time!!! 🙂

  17. You look beautiful in every single picture. I mean it! So glad you are having a good time on your honeymoon!

  18. Wow, those zip-lining pictures are awesome!! It looks like you guys are having such a great time! So jealous of you right now! 🙂

    • I was updating this post last weekend by adding a “honeymoon” tag and I guess the post got bumped up and made it a recent post.

      This was actually from June 2011 during our honeymoon in the Philippines. And YES, it was a ton of fun!!


  1. […] Part I of our honeymoon was posted last week. The first stop on our trip was Davao City, a city in the southern part of the Philippines. […]

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