Wedding Planning By Email


Thank you to Yahoo! Mail for sponsoring this post about staying connected. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

During the wedding planning process, I was active in a few wedding forums. One of the things I enjoyed reading and are very useful at these forums where the planning threads that brides wrote and posted about their wedding.

I am in the process of creating my own planning thread in hopes that I will help other brides during their wedding planning. I see it as paying it forward for all the help I received during my planning as well as inspirations from other brides. 

As I look back in the months we planned the wedding, I definitely stayed connected thru email and it played an integral role in the whole wedding process.


Wedding day brought to you by email

Because our wedding was a destination wedding, all of the planning were done thru email.


I preferred this method of communication with my wedding coordinator because it allowed me to keep track of each step and it helped me stay organized.


Can you believe that I didn’t meet with my wedding coordinator until 2 days before the wedding? Or spoke with her until the day we met in person? I had faith that she will do a good job. Plus, it was very helpful that I sent her very detailed emails.


The day of the wedding, everything came out beautifully. It was everything I had imagined and more.


Every single detail was planned thru email. Well, except for one, the surprise detail during the reception. Fire dancers.



Wedding guests list created thru email

Our wedding day all came together thru emails.  Even our guests list was created thru email.


Before the official announcement and save the dates were sent out, we emailed our closest friends and immediate family letting them know of our plans to get married in Puerto Vallarta. We wanted to get a rough count and see who was interested in traveling with us to Mexico.


Fortunately, we had a great response from the first initial emails and we were able to plan from there on out.


Even before the wedding invitations were sent in the mail, we already had our guests confirm their attendance thru email. It made the whole planning a lot easier.

Do you plan events for your friends and family? How do you communicate when planning an event?


For your viewing pleasure, here are funny mini videos of ways to bring words to life! My favorite is the one with the little boy using the clothesline. So cute.


  1. ahhh! I love all of the pictures- so gorgeous. Your dress is perfection. The fire dancers are SO cool!!! Email is definitely an amazing tool- I have no idea how we did without

  2. Your dress is stunning Lea! I love the flower arrangements – your wedding planner did a fantastic job. I am shocked and impressed and what you accomplished from afar – everything looked just perfect.

  3. I love this post especially since I’m in the process of planning a destination wedding myself. I would definitely love to read more about your planning and all of you diy crafts! Everything looks so beautiful! Oh, and your dress is absolutely stunning! 🙂

  4. Hotchick says:

    Hi, I had to go thru the exact same thing, wedding planning thru email. I live in Cerritos and I got married at the chapel at the top of the stratosphere in Vegas. It was beutiful & better than any wedding I’ve ever been to. But yeah, everything the email: flowers, seating arrangements, music, food. I know where ur coming from. Congrats 🙂


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