SoCal Sandwiches – Guest Post


Today’s guest poster is my friend Glenn. We both have something very dear in common, my nephew Jonah. Jonah is both our first nephew so we both have fun in spoiling Jonah and then we give him back to his parents when we are done.

Glenn is a foodie, he loves food and he loves trying out new food. He has a collection of reviews on Yelp of all the restaurants he has visited. Because of his work, he also gets to eat at all the fancy restaurants and have good seats at Lakers game. I’m jealous.

He always rave about different sandwiches he has eaten, so I asked him to talk about his favorite sandwiches on today’s post.


What to pick? You can get sandwiches anywhere. Even Healthy Coconut Lady has made a couple (the sardines one was pretty good). But for some reason, to me anyways, they taste better when someone else makes them. I make sandwiches everyday, since I try to brown bag as much as possible, but they always taste like a kid made them.

The Shore House Café in Long Beach, CA has got a long, long list sandwiches. Not even just sandwiches, but tons of food. You can turn most sandwiches into a wrap, probably tell them to go easy on the mayo and cheese (why you would do that I don’t know). I saw spinach, sprouts and avocado wrap, and a veggie patty wrap. Sounds Awesome. Let me know how they taste if you ever make it out there. I went for the Chicken Club.


It’s got the four basic food groups, Grilled Chicken Breast (white meat..good), Bacon and Ham (pork the other white meat), Lettuce and Tomato (yay veggies), all on a toasted sourdough bread. 3 levels of bread. The ratio of bread is solid, with the chicken breast, but the saltiness of the ham and the bacon are like a bonus on every bite. It’s pretty massive, though. You might be better off sharing. Did I mention that The Shore House is 24 hours on a street full of restaurants and bars? It’s pretty live there, and a great way to end the night.

Healthy Coconut Lady said I didn’t necessarily have to do healthy food, but I’m going to try another healthy sandwich. A healthy Monte Cristo sandwich. If you don’t know what a Monte Cristo is, it’s a French toast sandwich with ham and/or turkey (usually ‘and’ from what I’ve seen), cheese, and is sometimes battered and fried. Then you dip it in syrup or some jam. They’re always huge.Yeah, that’s not good for you.

healthy menu

But 26 Beach in Venice, CA has figured it out with the Full Monty. It’s French toast, with some ham, and no turkey (saving calories there) some swiss cheese and jam, with syrup on the side. Oh and some powdered sugar. It’s kinda like a Monte Cristo lite. Kinda. At least you won’t feel guilty eating it. I promise.


If that’s a bit too much, they’ve got a pretty big menu, and everything looks pretty good. Pretty busy on the weekend. Lots of girls chit chatting, doing baby and bridal showers. They even have those princess sofa bed things girls have when they’re in high school to sit on in the patio. I think you readers would love it. I just go for the food.

I think that’s it for now. That was fun. Sorry I don’t have as cool a camera as the Healthy Coconut Lady. I’ll remember that next time, if she asks me to fill in for her again. If my writing sucks, oh well, I’m sure you can live without an oatmeal recipe for a couple days (but that chocolate strawberry shortcake cupcake would be awesome right about now).

Cut loose a bit, it’s ok once in awhile. Congrats Healthy Coconut Lady. Hope you had a great time and an awesome honeymoon.

What’s your favorite sandwich?


  1. My favorite sandwich to this day has been the panera bread mediterranean veggie sandwich! I can’t eat the bread anymore since I’ve have celiacs, but I have yet to find a sandwich that compares!

  2. nikkionlunch says:

    Not gonna lie, I’m a huge fan of tuna melts with some tomatos and hot sauce. It doesn’t always have to be super healthy, you got that right. 🙂

  3. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    My Favorite sandwich is the Roasted Veggie Sandwich with Pesto spread from Urth Cafe’, it’s very similar to a Capri Salad but instead of tomatoes it has roasted veggies and the spread with mozzarella. Yummm.

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