Out Is The New In

With the gorgeous summer weather we are having, I think being out is the new in. Don’t you think?

The flowers are in full bloom in our front yard and I just can’t help but spend as much time outside before the summer ends.

IMG_2203 IMG_2193 IMG_2197

I had a wonderful weekend, it was mostly spent outdoors.


On Saturday, I had a date to meet-up with other bloggers and readers for the first ever Orange County Fitbloggin meet-up. That’s me in bright yellow!


We met up at the local fro-yo spot Yogurtland. It was fun to see old friends and meet new friends.

Our group included Monica, Sarah, Julie, Janae, Heather, Kate, Marlon and Denise!


A special thank you to Monica for organizing the meet-up and for sharing her pictures.

Later in the evening, we met up with friends for dinner at El Torito restaurant. I’ve had intense craving for Mexican food since we got back from our honeymoon.


I started off with a new drink (new to me), and tried their Cucumber Cooler. I love that it was made with agave nectar.

IMG_2159-2 IMG_2167IMG_2166-2

Every single time, I eat way too much of the unlimited salsa and chips and end up not finishing my dinner.


Our whole table ordered the 3 course Meximeal deal.

My first course was tortilla soup. I don’t normally order soup in restaurants because I find it too salty for my taste, but this was just right and I loved it. Veggies > tortilla, I was happy to find more veggies in my bowl that tortilla strips.


I then moved on to my 2nd course. Mini quesadillas served with beans and sweet corn cake.


I ate one piece, shared another one with Chris and took home the rest of the plate. I recognize I was full and was just eating because I was socializing at the same time., but I wasn’t really enjoying the food anymore.


Their sweet corn cake is delicious. I wish the servings were bigger. It has chunky corns in it, which makes the best texture for me. It’s a little sticky and sweet. I savored this little drop of cake and took small bites to make it last.


Everyone ordered the same dessert as our 3rd course. The menu says it’s deep fried ice cream, but it is more like ice cream served with deep fried strips on the sides.


I took one bite and didn’t love it so I gave the rest to Chris.

Both our sweet tooth had been activated during our honeymoon (drinking fruit shakes everyday will do that to you) and we are still loving sweets after our return.


We did housework on Sunday and played at Disneyland once it cooled off.

We spotted celebrities at Disneyland this weekend too. We saw John Stamos outside The Little Mermaid ride. Hi Uncle Jesse!


I believe the gal he was with was Renee Zellweger?!? I can’t confirm because it was hard to see with her hat, but I took to twitter and found others who also spotted the both of them the same time we were there.

Hope you had a fun and cool weekend.


  1. squigglefloey says:

    That yogurt land is RIGHT across from the apartment I lived in when I went to UCI 🙂

  2. SO fun to do a blogger meetup and at YOGURTLAND! My favorite place ever!!

    I always stuff myself with chips and dip, then the food comes and Im not hungry, lol! I know how that is ; )

    Glad you had a good weekend, the pics of the flowers are beautiful!

    xoxo ❤

  3. Its only July 12! No talking about the summer being over yet 🙂 It is definitely toasty as anything in Charleston, but I love it and love being outside in the heat!! The meet up looks like fun. We had Mexican this weekend too. I want a sweet corn cake- yum! Hope you have a good week

  4. Those flowers are so beautiful! The blogger meetup looks like fun! I love Mexican food! All of that food looks delicious! 🙂

    So awesome that you saw John Stamos and Renee Zellwegger!!! 🙂

  5. Ahh that’s so cool you got to meet all those bloggers. I wish I lived on the West Coast so I could meet you guys too!

    And now that I’ve seen your photos of delicious looking Mexican food, I’m seriously craving Mexican now. 😛

  6. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Hey love the corn cakes they are to die for. I even bought the Corn Cake Package with El Torito Label and it didn’t do it justice I felt it was missing the sweetness and the corn kernels. Maybe next time I can add them and add some sugar and it might just taste better.

    Doesn’t it kind of remind you of Casaba the texture and the sweetness but just with a latin twist or a latin version of it? Shrug maybe not but Yummmm love them both.

    : P

    Your absolutely right it’s definitely beautiful outside the sun has been gleaming but it hasn’t been too hot it’s been nice.

    John Stamos and Renee Zellwegger hmmmm some how they don’t match to me, but then again that’s Hollywood.

  7. Totally curious about that lime drink now! It’s been a while since I’ve been to El Torito.

  8. Oh how I miss Southern California summers… and El Torito! Everything looked so yummy!

  9. mmmm, Mexican food is so good. one of my favorites. glad you guys have beautiful weather. here in TX, it’s just miserable 😦

  10. How much fun!!! 😀 I wish I can do a blogger meet someday.

  11. I have the same problem with chips…I just can’t stop! That’s why I avoid El Torito – their chips are fantastic!

  12. Your flowers are gorgeous! And that food all looks so good. I love the authentic chips – they’re so good, but so addicting 🙂

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