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Since the weather is heating up around here, my workouts has been less intense. Which is fine because I’m more active in other ways like pool time, bike time walking at the farmers market and walking at Disneyland.

Since I want to be out as much as possible for the whole summer, including my workouts, I haven’t visited the gym as often.

Most days, I don’t wake up early enough, and I postponed my workout in the evening. By workout, I mean a stroll/walk/jog around the neighborhood before dinner. Some days I wake up at 6am and start my workout by 6:30. Those are my running days.

That was today. I ran 4 miles around the park and I was a happy girl. My legs felt so heavy. I think they want to go back at the beach and go snorkeling, since that’s what they are used for the last month.

Walked in the door, super sweaty and made myself a cold bowl for breakfast.

I threw everything in the bowl that looked good. Fresh strawberries and coconut flakes.

2011-07-04 (59)-3

Then a few spoonful of cold cooked oatmeal, greek yogurt and Quaker squares cereal.

2011-07-04 (57)-3

and because I can’t get enough crunch, chia seeds were added.

2011-07-04 (60)-3

My cool summer breakfast bowl.

2011-07-04 (53)-3


Summer at Disney with Little Mermaid

This past weekend, we braved the crowd, the heat and headed to Disneyland. Last time we renewed our annual passes, we upgraded it and now we get to enjoy the parks during summer (busy) season.


While waiting to ride the tram to the park, we were greeted with a giant poster of Ariel and the new Little Mermaid ride that opened recently. At this point, I’m already humming the songs in my head.


Let the (summer) memories begin!

IMG_2237 IMG_2236 IMG_2245IMG_2248

Our weekly trips to Disney are usually in the evenings, we’ll go on a few rides, eat dinner or snacks or ice cream (or all 3), watch the firework and then head home.

For this visit, we headed straight to California Adventures with one ride in mind, The Little Mermaid.


On our first try, the ride was broken. Already? It’s so new. That’s not good. The ride doest NOT have a fast pass, so we walked around Paradise Pier and hope the ride will be fixed in a few hours.


We rode one of my favorite rides at the park, Toy Story.


While in line for the ride, the show World of Colors started, so it was a nice treat.


This it was time to play and get on the ride. I think I’m getting better, I’m finally figuring out where to shoot so I can get high scores. His (right) & hers (left)!


After the ride, we wanted to check on Ariel. The ride was up and running and NO lines. The ride was empty because it’s right across from The World of Colors, so the crowds were all watching the water show.




We boarded a clamshell and get transported to Ariel’s world “under the sea”.

IMG_2302 IMG_2300

As the ride moves slowly (similar pace as Haunted House ride), you will see many animation. You will see water in front of you, and Ariel swimming above you.

IMG_2305IMG_2311 IMG_2308

I saw the movie a few times growing up and the soundtrack always make me happy. This ride will bring you right back to the world of  the movie.

Visiting Ariel’s grotto.

IMG_2316IMG_2315 IMG_2320

You will go thru the undersea party with dozens of singing and instrument-playing underwater creatures.


True to the movie, sea witch Ursula is part of the ride. You will see a 7½-foot tall and 12-foot wide version of her.

IMG_2342IMG_2347IMG_2348 IMG_2351IMG_2352IMG_2353

If you have seen the movie, then the ending is no surprise 🙂

IMG_2357IMG_2366 IMG_2368IMG_2369

This wedding party finale that was not in the original film.


I enjoyed the ride and it’s so fun to sing along. I just wish it was longer or maybe for the ride to go a little slower so I could enjoy it a little bit more.

It’s all in the details too…from the tiles, the lighting, the plants. It’s all tied together. IMG_2301IMG_2381

What’s your favorite Disney ride or any amusement park?


  1. Outdoor exercise is so great when the weather is nice, I try to walk more when the weather is better, we dont get long summers here, so I am usually always in the gym for workouts, you california peeps are lucky ; )

    I loved little mermaid, I would always wish i was Ariel when I was little, my sisters and I would pretend to be mermaids in the pool, oh memories!

    Glad you guys got to go on the ride finally!

    My favorite amusement park is Islands of Adventure and Universal in Orlando! I love the rides there, especially the Simpsons Ride and The Mummy ride!

    xoxo ❤

    • Cali is great. Maybe you and the family can come visit and added it to your travel plans?

      I tried to grow my hair long so I would feel like Ariel, but my mom said no red hair dye, lol!

  2. Yay, you just made my morning! I love your Disney posts! 🙂 That ride looks awesome! I cannot wait to eventually try it out! It reminds me of the Finding Nemo ride that they have in Disney World. I don’t know if they have that one in Disneyland or not.

    My favorite theme park obviously is Disney World! My favorite rides are Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story Mania and the Buzz Lightyear ride. 🙂

    • Awww, thanks. Posting about Disney are extra fun posts, it also reminds me each time how lucky we are to be living so close and that we should always take advantage while we can.

      We don’t have a Finding Nemo ride at Disneyland, that sounds fun. There’s just a little show where you watch a screen and a talking turtle interacts with you. We have the same favorite rides.

      Are you going to incorporate something Disney into your wedding?

      • I was thinking about incorporating something Disney related into the wedding but I’m not sure. I guess it will be something that I have to think about. 🙂

  3. Early morning workouts make me happy 🙂 I am teaching/taught pump four times this week- all early=perfect! I get a little cardio in before and feel like my day is off on the right foot. SOOOO jealous that you got to ride the new ride. ❤ Disney. Favorite ride? Tower of Terror!

    • You are still going strong with your workout, I am such in awe of you and proud of you too. You are my inspiration, hope I can be as active as you when I am pregnant.

      Btw, I have a question about Body Pump. Who decides how many classes are being offered at the gym? I have a few gyms in the area and some offer BP 4-5x a week and some offer it only once a week? I was wondering if I can talk to the gym manager and ask if they can offer more? Just wanted to get your thoughts?

      I wish they have Body Pump DVDs so I can do it from home.

  4. Oh gosh, I haven’t been back to Disney in too long! I’m from Orlando and we always took advantage of Florida resident discounts but I didn’t go as often as I feel I should have. I kind of like Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure more bc I like rollercoasters. Dueling Dragons was my favorite. Now that there’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter I need to go back asap!

  5. actorsdiet says:

    i wish i lived closer to disney – i’d totally go in the nights and walk around there as my “exercise”!

  6. So awesome! Little Mermaid was the first Disney movie I ever saw in theaters… this gives me deja vu!

  7. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Wow you really like Disneyland. Woo Hoo a kid at heart who says Disneyland is for kids…. = )

    Love the breakfast combo you are definitely giving me ideas.

    • We are kids at heart and just want to do fun things during the weekend to relax and take advantage of our location. I’m sure, when the time comes to have kids, we will miss our Disney dates on weekends. So I try to remind myself to go as much as we can now.

  8. I love Disney! That’s so nice that you have nice weather to be able to enjoy Disneyland. And it being so close!

  9. It’s been so long since I’ve been to Disneyland it’s hard to say. I’ve always loved Space Mountain, and have a sentimental love of Mr Toad’s Wild Ride!

  10. Yay, Disneyland! I loved the Little Mermaid ride, too. Also, what a great breakfast! I love all of the different flavors and textures.


  1. Disney 2339 says:

    […] Part of Her World « Healthy Coconut Which is fine because I'm more active in other ways like pool time, bike time walking at the farmers market and walking at Disneyland Since I want to be out as much as possible for the whole summer, including my […]

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