Fun Under The Shade and Pei Wei

I wish my workout this morning was fun under the sun. But it’s another hot day so instead, it was fun under the shade. Actually it was more like, go walk under trees kind of day.

I didn’t feel like running today but I still wanted to be active. So I headed out to the park and walked for an hour, catching up on podcasts. Today, I listened to the one starring Lynn (this episode from The Because Show).

I walked a total of 4 miles.

I came excited to dig into my overnight oats.


Today’s jar included (mixed the night before): 1/3 C raw oats, 1/2 C coconut milk, 1/3 C cottage cheese, 1/2 mashed banana and 1 T chia seeds.


Topped with fresh strawberries, granola and sunflower seed butter this morning.

Loved it. I might add coconut flakes to the mix on the next one.



Last night, Chris and I met up with our friends Tom & Caroline to do some shopping and dining.

We headed out to Sports Chalet to check out the sale on fishing equipment.

I browsed around for a hat I can wear during my walks.


I also want to buy another pair of comfortable shoes that I can use walking around Disneyland. I tried these on (Kanuk shoes) and they were super comfortable. Cushier than Toms shoes, which is good. But it’s the same price as Toms, around $45 for a pair.


I am in love with summer dresses. I love the colors, the cut and how it’s so easy breezy to put on. I spotted these two that I liked. I came home with the one on the right side 🙂


Afterwards, we headed out to Pei Wei restaurant for a late dinner.


I’ve only been to Pei Wei once, at the Newport Beach location. I remember that restaurant being really busy. But the Huntington Beach location was not crowded, which is a welcome change so we took our time ordering and eating.


Did you know Pei Wei offers 100+ drink choices from their soda machine? No kidding. I’m not a soda drinker so I probably only name about 20 soda brands.


With 100 soda to choose from, it can easily take a few minutes standing there and going thru all the choices on the touch screen and deciding what you want. Chris said they offered sodas he has never heard of and sodas from other countries. I thought that was cool. However, I stuck with my iced Chai tea drink for the night.


The service was fast and we were served with our food in no time.

I ordered the Pad Thai dish with shrimp. Tofu add-ins were also an option.


The dish was good, it had a lot of complex flavors, as you can expect from Pad Thai dishes. I would order it again but next time I would ask for light sauce and request for more vegetables if possible.


I don’t normally it chunks of green onions when I cook, but they were great in this dish. I also loved the crunch from the green beans and the chewy mushrooms.


P.S. I ate shrimp and didn’t have any allergic reaction to it. So it’s possible that my allergic reaction during our honeymoon was because I ate bad seafood and not due to shellfish allergies. I’m still taking caution though.

Everyone ordered different dishes and we just all shared.

IMG_2644 IMG_2639 IMG_2640 IMG_2641

I tried most of the dishes but I specially loved the zucchini on the noodle dish.


My friend Caroline brought us homemade cookies and we enjoyed that when we were walking around after dinner.


I’m off to do our Sunday chores and hang out with friends later.

Have a good one.

What’s your favorite noodle dish?

I like pad thai dish, pancit (traditional filipino dish) and homemade spaghetti.


  1. actorsdiet says:

    Pei Wei looks fun! I’m glad we got to “walk together” too…

    • Yup, it was like taking a walk with you, so cool to hear a familiar voice in my Ipod. Do you have any recent podcast that you are enjoying that you can recommend?

  2. I love Pei Wei! My sis lives in huntington beach and we go there when I visit! Its a quick and easy meal for us to take out! If I come see my sis anytime soon, we will have to meet up for sure!

    A nice long walk sounds nice, I took off from exercise today, Im not feeling it ; )

    Happy Sunday!

    xoxo ❤

    • Really? Your sister lives close to us then. I would love to spend time with you when you are visiting her, I’m excited just thinking about it. It would be fun to hangout. Just let me know you visit date when you have it available so I can put it on my calendar. I don’t want to miss it.

  3. I love spaghetti but when you mentioned pancit, that has got to be on the top of my list too!

  4. That dress is SO cute! I love dresses in the spring/summer. They’re pretty much all I waer. ANd they’re perfect for pregnancy too! Yummy din din. And homemade cookies can’t be beat. My favorite noodle dish? Probably peanut noodles with tons of veggies.

  5. Wow those overnight oats look amazing! And love the dress

  6. I looove summer dresses! I basically live in them during the warm weather! So simple, no matching required 😉

    I love pretty much any noodle dish but especially rice noodle ones! Ohh or Pad Thai!

  7. I haven’t been to Pei Wei, even though we have one like right across the street (almost. LITERALLY!). Would you recommend it?

    • I’ve only been a few times and I have enjoyed eating there. I seem to pick the lighter dishes, not too much sauce, and usually the ones with vegetables. I have tasted other dishes that others have ordered, and they were too salty and too saucy for my taste.

      When you feel like eating asian food and don’t want to cook, Pei Wei is a good option because it’s fast service and they offer tofu as an option too. Price is medium range too.

      Let me know what you think if you do check it out.

  8. i love the idea of oats in a jar, they look so much prettier than my tupperware containers of slop 😉 I am also going to steal your coconut milk idea. what a great alternative! this weekend i was at Trader Joe’s and they had ice cream made out of coconut milk instead of cream! it was amazing and tasted just like regular ice cream but with an amazing coconut twist!

    • I like oats in a jar because it seals better too when I take it to go. My tupperwares seem to leak.

      I love using coconut milk, I find they are creamier than almond milk. I am enjoying Trader Joe’s unsweetened coconut milk right now. But I did not see their coconut ice cream? I don’t think my TJ’s carry them yet. I must look next time.

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