Summer Fun with Fruits & Vegetables

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Did I say MY kids?

I meant this kid.


Now that it’s summer time, Jazzy and I have been hanging out more often. We always have a lot of fun together. She likes helping me in the kitchen and I love feeding her in return.

I always try to feed her nutritious food throughout the day. But she is picky and will pick out any green stuff she finds on her food. Broccoli? Bleh.

I make sure she gets in fruits and vegetables by finding ways to add it to the food she is going to want to eat. I chopped strawberries and mix it in her morning cereal.


For snacks throughout the day, instead of feeding her packaged food, I give her mini bowls filled with different things. Quaker squares and frozen mangoes are her favorites.


I keep her hydrated by giving her apple juice from the juicer, and dilute it with a little lemonade. It’s her “fun” drink. I also make her green smoothie by adding spinach in her chocolate shake, which is great because the green spinach is undetectable in taste and color when you mix it with chocolate.

IMG_6906 IMG_6905 IMG_6922

She can’t get enough mangoes.

IMG_5469 IMG_5467

When we are hanging out at the pool. I bring healthy snacks to munch on. I find it that she prefers the crunch on the chips so much more that the taste. So any healthy chips will do, as long as it has crunch.

IMG_6813 IMG_6807

When it’s DVD day at the house. We will make popcorn and also make french fries using sweet potatoes.


Other ways our family gets in our servings of fruits and vegetables is roasting a big batch of vegetables on Sunday. So we can just add it to our meals throughout the week.


I also pre-chop all the salad vegetables ahead of time so that lunch salad can be easily assembled. All I have to do is add any toppings we want, fruits, cheese, beans, more vegetables and etc.


I drink (green) smoothies and add spinach a few times a week. Trust me, you can’t taste the spinach in these smoothies. Sometimes, I even add other supplements to increase my vegetable intake.


When a recipe includes vegetables, I normally double the amount.


Our freezer is always stocked with frozen vegetables too. They are used for quick dinner plates.


Vegetables that we buy in bulk includes: spinach, bell peppers, romaine lettuce, green beans and cauliflower.

What steps do you take to get  your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables?

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  1. Awwww she is soooo cute! It’s so awesome that you take such good care of her~ 😀 Love it.

  2. You know how to get a comment 😉 She is so adorable!!! She reminds me of my niece Sara. She is 10 now but as cute as a button.

  3. She is adorable! When you do have kids one day or a kid, your child will be so adorable too!!

    I always try to get veggies and fruit in, veggies always at dinner for sure, in a big salad!!

  4. Jazzy is so adorable! 🙂 It’s really nice to see how close you are with her.

    I always make sure to pack my dinners with lots of vegetables because I am not good at eating them during the day. I usually try to eat fruit during the day.

  5. though we eat more veggies now than ever, we still need to eat more. thanks for the tips here!

  6. I love your relationship with your niece! So cute. And awesome that you encourage her to eat healthy foods! I loved MOST fruits and veggies when I was younger…and hope the peanut does too. If she doesn’t ….I plan to employ techniques like Jessica Seinfeld and sneak them in!

  7. Defiant Vegan (Annette) says:

    Your niece is so cute! Food looks yummy with the foods the school districts are feeding these days your best off packing your kids lunch.

    Start them young eating fruits and veggies and she won’t dislike much.

  8. Jazzy is adorable! Lol and she doesn’t seem camera shy, love it! This post has actually given me ideas on what to do with my nieces when they’re a little older (they’re just babies now).

    I like throwing in a ton of veggies in my pasta and adding spinach or kale to my smoothies. I make sure veggies take up at least half my plate when i’m eating dinner and i try to include at least some greens with lunch. My afternoon snack is almost always fruit and I love adding berries to my cereal too. 🙂

  9. Your site is great! This post really caught my eye when I was searching around. Thanks for sharing it.


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