Cupcakes & Baby Shower

This past weekend, I got to spend the afternoon with my girlfriends.


Under the hot sun, we sipped on lemonade and other refreshing beverages. We were celebrating my friend Stefanie’s baby shower.

I ate a delicious cupcake.


or two.


It was hard to stop, especially when your table was next to the tower of cupcakes. Stefanie made the cupcakes and decorated it herself.


One for me, one for you another one for me……


Me with the mommy-to-be. Isn’t she glowing? A few of my friends had their babies this year or currently pregnant and they all look so beautiful with their belly. I hope I’ll have that pregnancy glow when the time comes for babies.


It was great seeing my friends again. I’ve missed them. I haven’t spent time with them since the wedding. We had a lot of catching up to do.


I also got to play with Chou Chou again. Look how big she is now, she was only a puppy last time I saw her in San Francisco.

IMG_2753IMG_2775 IMG_2774 IMG_2755

Thanks Stef and Joel for a wonderful party.



  1. SO fun! The cupcakes are adorable! And I want to steal Chou Chou! She would be the perfect girlfriend for Frank!

  2. Cute cupcakes and nice colorful clothing all around!

  3. The cupcakes are so cute and I love the cupcake tower display! So pretty!!! I would have had one, or two, or three cupcakes! ha!

    Glad you got to see some friends and enjoy a special time, she is glowing! Congrats to her!

    xoxo ❤

  4. I love the cupcakes and the colors! They are so pretty! 🙂 Your friend looks so happy!

  5. Those colors are so vibrant, hope you had a great time!

    And Congrats to the Mommie-to-be!

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