Ripe For The Pickin’

I’ve got plums. Tons of plums.


My friend Sena has plum trees in her backyard and I went to town picking at the ripe, juicy fruits. I have never picked plums straight from the tree.


It was a lot of fun picking them. Some of the fruits were so ripe that only a slight touch was needed and they rolled onto my hands.

It was so much fun. I need to find ways to pick my own fruits more often.

I left with a whole bag of plums and the search for plum recipes has begun.

Naturally, my breakfast this morning was filled with plums.


Greek yogurt layered with plums, granola and sunflower seed butter. Summer breakfast bowl.



Last night , our friends came over for dinner for fish taco night at our house. Chris prepped the fish because that is his specialty.

IMG_0193 IMG_0192

I chopped all the toppings and played sous chef.

IMG_0203 IMG_0199 IMG_0202

While we prepped dinner, we snacked on lime chips that was sent to me from the folks at Food Should Taste Good.


I love the hint of lime on these chips. It’s flavorful, full of crunch and made with all natural ingredients.


Our friends Tom and Caroline brought over delicious appetizers, chips and dips.


The best one was the guacamole with roasted corn and jalapenos. It packed flavor in each bite.


We created a taco bar and assembled our fish tacos.

IMG_0225 IMG_0222

Mine was like a fish burrito with a side of beans. Fresh fish is the best. I went back for seconds.



We had a wonderful dinner with friends and fun time chatting about our upcoming trip. We’re going on a road trip in 2 weeks.



Tomorrow, Monday July 25th, there will be a live auction and bake sale for The Great Fundraising Act. Bloggers have come together to raise money for Susan, who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma and is currently in the hospital. You can read more about Susan’s story and more information about the auction and bake sale –>  here or click on the image below.



  1. Wow – that taco bar looks wonderful! I need a sous chef – awesome! 🙂

    I’ve never even seen a plum tree, but am loving picking tomatoes out of our backyard!

  2. so. flipping. jealous. I want to try a fresh picked plum!! I bet its ah-mazing! =)

    and SUPER jealous you got to work with FSTG!!! ❤

  3. Those fish tacos looked awesome!

    I love fruit picking, so that is super fun that your friend let you pick away!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever had a plum before! I should try one!

    That taco bar looks delicious! 🙂


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