Summer Snapshots

Months from now, when I have forgotten what I did this summer, I can look back at these snapshots and be reminded of it all…in pictures.

This week we received our wedding pictures. I am so excited to look thru them slowly, look at them one by one because it takes me back to 2 months ago at our wedding day in paradise. I can smell the ocean breeze again. Wedding recaps coming soon.



This week, I drove to San Diego to spend time with my girlfriends. It is getting harder and harder to get together because of our schedules and it is even more of a challenge when you factor in babies in our group. This year, we welcomed 2 new babies and our group is growing fast. We spent the day being “us”, chatting about each other’s live, catching up in the middle of picking plums.

summer snapshot collage 1

We are almost done with putting new paint in our  living room, new white paint for the ceiling and beige color for the walls. The only thing that needs to be done are the corners. I guess I saved the most challenging task last.

Next up: buying a new couch and putting curtains up.

IMG_0278-2 IMG_0274-2

This week I realized that this cute face is growing up fast.  I’m happy that I am there to capture most of it in pictures. My nephew Jonah is 4 months old now. I hope I can see him at least once a week so he doesn’t forget his favorite auntie.

IMG_1533 IMG_1526

Tres leches cake have been consumed more than once this week. P.S. it is a coincidence sometimes that I eat food that match my outfits. Is it really a coincidence if it has happened more than I can count? What can I say…I love to wear pretty colors and I like to eat pretty food.

IMG_1535 IMG_1534

Summer is AWESOME!!!

IMG_2872 IMG_2784 IMG_2787 IMG_3087

What are you up to this week?


  1. nikkionlunch says:

    Right now I’m loving on your adorable red flats!

    But the rest of this week has been hanging out with great people in my life and making my own summer memories.

    I love this post, girl. Oh, and just a couple weeks ago I was over on your end of town in San Diego. I’d forgotten how much I love it out there.

  2. I’ll help paint the corners if you come help me paint the upstairs rooms in my place! hehe! =) hooray for your wedding photos being ready! have fun pouring over the memories and gorgeous photos love! =)

  3. Really beautiful pictures. What a tease you are, with those quick wedding shots!

  4. Summer is awesome and it goes WAY too fast!!!

    I love baby feet! So damn cute!!

    EEEEEK! Wedding photos!! How exciting!! I bet you guys are so happy!!!!!! Love the one you posted on here!!!! : )

  5. ahhhhhhhhh! I can’t wait to see more of your GORGEOUS wedding pictures. Sounds like you had fun with the ladies. Baby feet=so awesome. I’m not sure that I’ve ever tried Tres leches cake. What am I up to this week? Oh yah know…getting readyyyy

  6. games for kids says:

    Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned 🙂

  7. Defiant Vegan (Annette) says:

    Got Married on the 21st of July so have been packing and unpacking since then.

    This coming weekend and now will be unpacking and organizing O.0 I wish I would have gotten rid of more stuff so I wouldn’t have to do it now but oh well I’m off and it’s keeping me busy busy busy.

    We have my husbands kids from Oregon so we are planning on going to a swap meet and maybe to the beach before I go back to work.

    • Annette, Congratulations on your wedding. I know that it was going to be soon, just didn’t realize it was that soon, lol! I hope you had a magical day and that you are enjoying your time off spending time with the husband and kids. P.S. I would love to see pictures. Can you share with me? I love wedding pictures.

  8. Defiant Vegan (Annette) says:

    Thank you! I will definitely share them when ready. = )

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