Fun Under The Shade and Pei Wei

I wish my workout this morning was fun under the sun. But it’s another hot day so instead, it was fun under the shade. Actually it was more like, go walk under trees kind of day. I didn’t feel like running today but I still wanted to be active. So I headed out to the […]

Part of Her World

Since the weather is heating up around here, my workouts has been less intense. Which is fine because I’m more active in other ways like pool time, bike time walking at the farmers market and walking at Disneyland. Since I want to be out as much as possible for the whole summer, including my workouts, […]

Summer Lovin 1.0

I have to admit, after spending a few weeks in paradise, I felt some post vacation blues after we returned. It didn’t help either that it took a week before my food allergies was gone and I felt normal again. Being at the beach or doing some sort of water activity for almost a month, […]

Out Is The New In

With the gorgeous summer weather we are having, I think being out is the new in. Don’t you think? The flowers are in full bloom in our front yard and I just can’t help but spend as much time outside before the summer ends. I had a wonderful weekend, it was mostly spent outdoors. On […]

Daily dose of fruit

I’ve been thinking about this lately… Do I love traveling so I can take fun pictures? a LOT of pictures? Do I love traveling so I can try different food? Do I love traveling to learn more about myself and at the same time learn about new cultures? Yes, yes, yes to all of the […]