New Things Saturday

Happy weekend everyone!

I love trying new things, especially new food and new workouts. Here are some of the new things I’ve tried lately.

Kettle ball workouts. I love these workouts because it combines cardio and muscle toning in the same workout. It’s a fun change to my workout routine. It also left me sore the first few times I did it, meaning new muscles were being worked.


Coconut Milk from Trader Joe’s. It’s great tasting, makes everything creamier and not too expensive at all. One of the reasons I don’t buy coconut milk is because of the price. It’s almost double the price of almond milk.


Coconut milk green smoothies. Creamy!



I bought this egg pasta at World Market and waited a few months before using it. I love it and wondered why I waited so long. It taste like regular pasta to me but with higher protein in each serving.






My favorite dish to eat it with is turkey meatball spaghetti on a bed of arugula and with my favorite pasta sauce, Trader Joe’s mushroom spaghetti sauce. All the flavors just go together on this plate.


After the egg noodle is cooked, I toss it in a little garlic gold oil to keep it moist and add garlic flavor.


This is a pasta dish is delicious and that doesn’t give me food coma afterwards.

His and hers plate below. Hers with vegetables, his with double the servings.




Have you tried any new food lately?


  1. I saw that coconut milk at trader joes when I was in chicago, was going to buy it, but couldn’t with traveling on a plane : p Love the new things you have been loving!

    I LOVE that Mamma Chia drink, it is so good! I hope you do try it!

    Happy Weekend love! xoxo ❤

  2. owww! I’m totally buying that coconut milk at TJs! Thanks for the heads up!! Deliciousness. I tried ginger chews from TJs for the first time last week=love!

    • It’s only recent that I found ginger chews. I like chewing on them when I’m traveling, especially on an airplane. The ginger smell helps soothe me or something. I chewed a lot of them during the 16 hour flight to the Philippines. I’ve tasted the coffee ginger chews too, but I think the original is still the best.

  3. I love kettlebell workouts. I haven’t tried that coconut milk yet, but will do soon! Yesterday I tried sheep’s milk ricotta – so good!

  4. Mmmmmm man I am craving meatballs. And had no clue that TJ’s had coconut milk.


  5. actorsdiet says:

    i feel like it’s time i try a new pasta – i always stick to ziti or spaghetti. that looks beautiful!

  6. Is the coconut milk thick? Is is just like the almond milk or more like the canned coconut milk?

    I’ve heard so much about kettleballs! I am so jealous. :)>

    • It’s a drinkable version of the coconut milk you find in the can. I guess it’s the diluted version of it. It’s creamier than almond milk but more watery than the canned coconut milk. Hope that helps.

      Kettle balls work the core throughout the whole exercise, which is why I love doing it because I really don’t like core workouts.

  7. nikkionlunch says:

    Your smoothie looks so yum!

    I just tried Swiss Chard for the first time. DELISH. I sauteed it with cabbage, zucchini, greenbeans, a bit of butter and olive oil and garlic gold.

  8. I love trying new foods! I haven’t tried anything new recently so that must mean I’m slacking! I better get on that.

  9. I have not seen this new TJ’s coconut milk yet — I am dying to try it!

  10. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    looks delicious and I’m happy to hear that Trader Joe’s sells coconut milk.

    Yumm 😛

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