Lake View

(this is a test post from my phone. I apologize for any errors in the format)

We drove 5 hours away from home and found ourselves in the middle of this. Where the snow meets water. Where I dug out my winter clothes, in the middle of summer, to pack for this trip.
I’m blogging from my phone, Chris is giddy to get to our destination. I am watching the temps go down as the car climbs up. Its currently 40 degrees outside. Eeek, that is cold for this Cali girl.

There’s a cliff on the left and large boulder of rocks on the right.

We are spending the weekend at the lake with friends. I’m looking forward to be surrounded by beautiful sceneries and do some fishing myself. Chris is looking forward to catching the maximum allowed each time. I have no doubt he will meet that. He always does.


  1. Gorgeousssss! Stay toasty

  2. Wear some Uggs!!! Have a blast!!! Or you already did?! This post just popped up in my reader last night, but I think you said you were going for the wknd, so I think it showed up late! ha!

  3. nikkionlunch says:

    Hope you had a spectacular time!

  4. So beautiful! I hope you are having a nice time in the 40 degrees…what a nice change it must be!

  5. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Wow what a beautiful place where is that? 40 degrees well no thank you… LOL

    Then again it’s well worth the fresh air and the scenery…

    Hope you had a great time.

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