Havana Banana

My workout this morning was a challenging one. My muscles have been missing the muscle burn. For the last few weeks, I have been enjoying more cardio type of workouts….running, hiking and indoor gym workouts.

I wanted to try something new to get back into strength training and this DVD is new to me. I’ve done a few workouts already from Personal Training with Jackie and I like that the DVD includes a full circuit workout or you can do specific workouts like Upper Body, Lower Body or Abs.

workout dvd

Today, I did the 15 mins Upper Body Circuit workout (twice) and 20 minutes of cardio afterwards. It was a good one 🙂

Havana Banana

Last night, Chris and I had dinner at Souplantation. We don’t dine out often but when we do, we have our favorite places to go. Souplantation is one of our favorites. There’s a variety of food that satisfies both our cravings. We each have our favorite dishes.

This month’s menu includes Cuban inspired dishes. I had the Havana Banana tossed salad last night. I really didn’t expect to like it but wanted to taste it. Banana on salad? Who would have thought it would taste good. The salad included corn, black bean, cilantro and lime juice vinaigrette dressing. Now I have a new salad combo I can try to recreate at home.


Another addition to the menu is Cuban rice and bean salad. I tasted a little curry and turmeric in the seasoning with a hint of lime and honey. We both like this dish but I would try to make this with brown rice if possible. I added garbanzo beans to the dish too.


Shared dessert plate. Ok, it was mostly my dessert plate. I wanted to try each one and after I was satisfied, I offered the rest to Chris.


Our dinner would not be complete with our favorite buttermilk cornbread. If I can only take home one item from the restaurant, I would fill a container with these cornbread. Topped with whipped honey.


Our shared dessert was soft serve ice cream and blueberry muffin top, topped with more buttah.


I’m off to enjoy this very hot weekend. The temp already read 85 degrees at 10am. Yikes!

Have a fun weekend 🙂


  1. Have you ever done Jillian’s workouts? How would you compare those to Jackie’s on intensity?

    • I tried Jillian’s DVD a few years ago and liked it too. What I like about Jackie’s DVD is the structure of her workout. I love that I can either do a full body circuit or do specific type of workout on different days. Depending on the weights you are using, you will feel the burn. I am using heavier weights now than when I did Jillian’s DVD so I think that’s why this DVD is more effective for me this time around.

      I own both of their DVDs and like them both, depending on what I am in the mood for. Jackie’s DVD is less bootcamp style than Jillian’s DVD.

  2. I had a salad with banana on top at paula deens restaurant! I loved it too. The desert sampling looks so yummy!

  3. Ya know, I’ll bet dried banana chips would be really good on a salad. I never thought about that!

    • banana chips was really good on the salad. at first I thought it would be too sweet or the salad might taste like dessert to me but the lime dressing balanced out the sweetness of the banana. Plus the crunch from the banana is great, sort of like a crouton.

  4. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    That place is great so much variety to choose from.

    I’m trying to get back into working out after my knee injury gradually but will get there.

    • Is your knee injury recent? I hope it gets better soon. Sometimes I just walk around the park for 4 miles, easy walk but I feel better afterwards. I can’t do intense workouts multiple days in a row, I feel like my body needs to rest and recover.

      • Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

        Actually it happened in the beginning of March I was Playing with my husband (Martial Arts) and my knee popped and ouch did it hurt but I was able to walk or should I say limp.

        After a month of treating my knee I realized it stopped healing after 1 month so I had to see a Dr. and they sent me to physical therapy. I met the most wonderful group that helped me recover.

        I didn’t realize that Physical therapy was anything like what I was doing. Bonk me why wouldn’t it be. Well with a few electrical shocks ? can’t remember what it was called that woke up the muscles that were not working the problem was that I tore a my MCL, affecting my ACL and Miniscus so it was a bad sprain indeed.

        I’m able to work out so like you said most of my work outs are hiking behind Occidental College, Greek Theatre hills and the Rose Bowl. I’ve done the Bum Bum DVD from the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD and they are really help me.

        Thanks for asking not ready for my 2nd round of P90X but I will be soon.

        Take Care and hint I’m not ready for the summer to be over either. *wink*

  5. great workout! I need to do some cardio and weights today too – not looking forward to it but AM looking forward to how good I feel afterwards!

    I want that yogurt now – yummmmm.

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