Not Ready

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer yet.


I feel like she is going away soon.

But I hope she stays for a few more weeks. I am trying to hold on to summer but I think everyone is else is ready to move on.

We had another scorching weekend. During our Disney Sunday fun day, I carried my light sweater everywhere because it was too warm to wear it. I could have gotten away wearing shorts instead of jeans.

IMG_3333 IMG_3335 IMG_3330

It was a beautiful evening last night. We got an up close and personal firework show since we parked on the roof.

Summer crowds at the park are gone and Disneyland is starting to transition into fall. Pumpkins will be up pretty soon.

Our last year’s prom pose in front of the pumpkin. I’m not sure if we can get cheesier this year 🙂

Cheesy pose

Another reason I don’t want summer to end yet is because we are not done with all our house improvement projects. I need as much sunlight and breezy air while working on the house.

This week, we got a few things done. We changed the lighting in our dining room from circa 1970s


…to a brighter and more modern lighting.


A new light also brightened up our dark hallway. Along with the new lighting, I also put a fresh coat of bright yellow paint. The empty walls is where I am planning to up our wedding pictures.


Now our hallway matches the color of our kitchen. Bright colors make me happy.


I think the guy at the home improvement store recognizes me now. I was staring at paint colors for a long time and he asked if I did the same thing the other day. Did you know there are hundreds shades of blue? I am planning to paint our bedroom next and I’m looking for a color that says “serenity”. Something that matches the shade of the beaches from our honeymoon (first picture above). I think I found it.

This is where you will find us spending our afternoon on the weekends.

IMG_3320 IMG_3322

Since we worked hard during the day, all we wanted to do is stay cool at night. Perfect time for a trip to Chipotle restaurant.


This is our second time in one week eating at Chipotle’s with our friends. The restaurant serves food with integrity, which means food with no added hormones and vegetables that are in season from local source. I really love it when restaurants make an effort to serving better food to their customers.


Chris loves their huge serving of burritos.

IMG_1481 IMG_1487 IMG_1492

I love their huge bowl of salads. On a bed of lettuce and topped with more lettuce.  Salad sandwich.


My salad included chicken, roasted vegetables, corn salad (so good), black beans and on the side, salsa and cheese.


They give you a chipotle-lime vinaigrette dressing for the salad but the ingredients are so fresh and tasty that it wasn’t really necessary.


Next door to Chipotle’s is Yogurtland. They had new flavors that I was curious to try. Chocolate milkshake and Caramel Almond. I like the milkshake flavor the best.


What a busy and fun weekend it was.


  1. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Oh boy love both the places and Yogurtland is very affordable.

    Love the colors of your home I’m into the earthy colors too and we certainly need lighting in our place.

    For some reason when they built it they didn’t put up any lights everything has to be bought stand up lights is pretty much it I think we have one light fixture in the hallway and in the kitchen which is not even centered over the kitchen area O.O go figure. LOL

    Well there’s always improvising right?! why give up!


  2. WISH WISH WISH we had a Chipotle here in Michigan!! So want to try it! And Yogurtland too!! We don’t have either…closest we have is Chicago I think 😦 ENJOY tho! I feel your pain for saying goodbye to summer….She’s moving out quick!

  3. I’m never ready for summer to be over!! Love your new lights. Chiptle guac…SO good

  4. I’m always ready for summer to be over, because I like Fall. I can wear my cute clothes again, and I miss having my skin not sticky all the time from sweat!! =D

  5. I’m ready for the end of summer. Fall is my favorite season! I cannot wait! 🙂 So jealous you went to Disney! 😉

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