Race and Pancakes

While my friend Cher ran her Disneyland Half Marathon race, she inspired me to do my own workout at the gym. I spent 45 minutes on the elliptical and all I can think of was her having so much fun at the race with Mickey and friends. I think I have the racing itch again.


The race was sold out and I knew it was going to be crazy getting out of Disneyland area once the race was over, so I told her I would pick her up and whisked her away from the madness and eat brunch.



Bad picture taken from the car but it was a drive-by and pick-up kind of thing so we can get out of there. Most of the streets were still closed.


We headed to IHOP and enjoyed our pancakes while chatting about the race. she told me that a couple got engaged in front of the castle during the race, so cute. It was Cher’s first half marathon race and she’s hooked. She is already signed up for Disneyland’s Tinkerbell race in January. I want to join her and another friend, but the race is sold out 😦

I ordered from the restaurant’s Simple & Fit menu. I had the Blueberry Harvest Grain N’ Nut combo.


Pancakes loaded with blueberries topped with fresh banana. The pancake batter had nuts mixed in so there was a little crunch in each bite but it was still fluffy. I loved it.


On the side, they served it with egg substitute. I think next time I will ask for real eggs instead of the substitute. They tasted like yellow egg water with no texture.


Look at her race medal. It was huge, heavy and shiny.



  1. I have NEVER been to an IHOP..I must change this because those pancakes look tasty..and I sort of love some good flapjacks 😉

  2. I had that the last time I was at IHOP several months ago. Was really good!

  3. Running a race at disney must be so fun!! Yellow egg water? Delicious 😉

  4. OoOO I had no idea that they have a healthier menu option! The pancakes look good, just like what we would eat at home! 😀 And I had no idea Disney had a race!

  5. that race looks so fun, I need to put it on my to do list for next year! I always have the habit about finding out about cool races and then having them be sold out already! Always a bummer.

  6. I love IHOP! They have the BEST pancakes! I can’t wait until they bring back pumpkin pancakes. So good 🙂

    • Didn’t know they have pumpking pancakes, must not be in season yet because I didn’t see it in the menu. Maybe next month I’ll make another trip to IHOP

  7. drive by and pick up kind of thing, ha!! i would have looooved to do that race.

  8. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    wow what a cool metal to have on the wall. Awesome!

    Your giving me the itch to want to try running a marathon..

    = )

    • It really was a cool medal, heavy and shiny and so glossy. I loved it. I am going to continue to run consistently so I can run a race if I decide to sign up last minute. I think half marathon might be my longest race…I can’t fathom running a full marathon without hating it.

  9. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    I don’t blame you running when you can’t see the finish line really cramps my style it’s really easy to give up at that point.

    You just have to push yourself to continue…

    All the best!

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