Why I Love To Travel

This past summer (and this year in general) has been the best of times.

Having returned from a month long travel, both for our destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and for our honeymoon, island hopping in the Philippines…..I wanted to talk (and put into writing) about why I love to travel and why I always encourage everyone I know to travel more.

picture 1


For me, living a happy, healthy and balanced life involves traveling.

Just like people say, the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment and I completely agree.

Travel has always been something that I have longed for and loved. I worked in the hospitality industry for many years in college and enjoyed all the perks that came with the job and became a lover of traveling.

But even my childhood memories include a lot of traveling. My parents would pack up our van and take us on a road trip going camping or driving along the coast to San Francisco.


I believe that traveling is one of the best way to learn about cultures, food and history. It’s also the best way to figure out what the important things in life are.


I’ve come home from traveling, not just with a suitcase filled with souvenirs and camera filled with pictures, but most importantly, I come home with a new perspective about life.


Travel is a luxury and a privilege, and because of this it can never be taken for granted.


I travel so I can learn, not only about other people but also about myself.


Through traveling, I have not only grown but I have gotten over heartaches and life’s challenges.

What have you learned when you travelled?


  1. Oh so very true. Traveling is eye opening and really makes you appreciate what you have in your day to day, but still getting to exhault in the uniqueness of other places. I find the people and the food to be the most faschinating when I travel. I also really enjoy going to places that happen to be “3rd world” and I’m in awe of their happiness at the simplistic things.

    Great post!

  2. ah this post gives me the travel bug BAD!

  3. I totally want to travel more and let Kaylin experience everything (especially the different parts of the united states!!

  4. That’s one thing I’d like to do. It was a childhood dream to country-hop the world staying 3 weeks max in each country! It is still my dream now but with the whole family. 🙂

    C5 @ My Country-Hopping Dream

  5. What a lovely post! I need to travel more!

  6. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Great Pictures HC, I see Haleakalea I know I spelled that wrong but I’m lazy to look it up. LOL

    I would love to travel but financially I can’t I’ve only been to Arizona, Maui and Colorado.

    I’ve done some camping and traveling up North. I know I can get the most out of mini travels, I love the fact that I can go to certain places in Cali and learn a lot about other cultures. My only alternative.

    Some day Lea some day!

    Love your reasons and I truly believe when you travel you and you learn cultures you learn your perspective on life.

    Great Post!

  7. I love traveling because it gives you the chance to see new places, try new things, and experience different cultures. I cannot wait to travel for my honeymoon. 🙂

  8. Traveling is truly a privilege. I wish it were less expensive, because I would love to travel much more than I do. I was in Shanghai last week, but only because my husband’s company paid for it. I’m hoping once I live there that we can see more of Asia.

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