What I Ate Wednesday – 4.0

Happy Wednesday to you all 🙂

The weather has been cool around here so I find myself craving hot food and savory foods. Of course, I always make room for treats with a side of tea.

Here goes this weeks eats…

I made a batch of these Coconut {Chickpea} Waffles this past weekend and I’ve been eating them throughout the week for breakfast or snacks. These are delicious and convenient. I just pop it in the toaster oven in the morning and they come out hot and toasty.


I’ll be sad when strawberry season is over. I’ve had a strawberry affair this summer.


Lunch is a combination of soup, hummus wrap and roasted sweet potatoes and a plenty of barbecue sauce for dipping.


I’m on a barbecue sauce kick lately and I’ve been dipping finger foods in it.  I’ve been making soup every week too. This week’s soup is Spicy Peanut Moroccan soup. My slow cooker has been working over time.


I haven’t made any new snack bars lately so I dug into my emergency stock in my pantry and grabbed one of my favorite chocolate flavored bars, Kashi Bar Mocha Almond granola bar. For a chocolate snack bar, I find this tasty and it’s fairly healthy too.


Chris made fresh salsa verde this week. So we cooked dinner around a dish that we could eat the fresh salsa with. We are a fish lover household and our favorite fish tacos came to mind right away.  I say this many many times before, fresh ingredients is the key to having the best fish.tacos.ever.


I got some free samples of Pumpkin Spice Caramel chocolate squares when I walked into a Ghirardelli store recently.  I ate it with my nightly cup of tea. Since I only eat this pumpkin flavor once a year, it makes it very special when it’s available. I savored every bite. It was oh so sweet.

IMG_3424 IMG_3871

I hope you are having a great week so far.


  1. Those waffles look INCREDIBLE!!!! 😀

  2. Your waffles are making me want to give my coconut flour another go. Im a bbq lover too! Have a good one

  3. Love that Kashi bar flavor, its my favorite one!

    Hope all is well love! Happy rest of the week to you!

  4. I’m loving Kashi bars lately too! I really like their TLC Chocolate Peanut bar. It’s so good 🙂

  5. You ate so many of my favorite foods yesterday! I am really excited that you’ve tried and liked these chickpea/ coconut waffles. I’m leaning toward a grain-free diet, but I love waffles in the morning. These might do the trick!

  6. OMG!! This lunch looks fab!! What kind of wraps do you use??


  7. survivingcandyland says:

    Coconut and chickpeas. That sounds like a really interesting combination. I def am going to have to try out that recipe because the waffles look really really good. I’m going to miss strawberry season too. I love them soo much.

    • I was skeptical about the recipe too until I tried it. I am trying out recipes for coconut flour and sometimes when I read the recipes, I’m like “what? all of that goes in?” I’ve seen beans used in brownies before so why not waffles right. I hope you get to try it. White beans will work too.

  8. The Ghirardelli store in the gaslamp at San Diego was passing out free pumpkin spice chocolate this weekend! It really is worth the price:)

  9. Dukan Diet says:

    Oh my!! I want this wednesday for me!

  10. Panama foundation says:

    Try popular red velvet white chocolate salted caramel or customize anything with No Sugar Added..

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