What I Ate Wednesday – Wedding Day

When it’s raining and dreary outside, seeing your tropical vacation pictures help brighten things up.

I wanted to do a twist on my What I Ate Wednesday posts. To continue my wedding recap, here is What-I-Ate wedding day edition.

I got a lot of advice from people on what to eat on my wedding day.

  • I heard not to drink caffeine or I will look dehydrated.
  • Not to eat salt or I’ll look and feel bloated.
  • Not to drink too much water or I’ll have to go to the bathroom a lot and that was a no-no for the style of wedding dress I chose.
  • Don’t eat until you’re done taking your pictures.

I kept all those advice in mind but I wanted to enjoy my wedding day and so I did my own thing. I ate what was available and just made sure I wasn’t hungry and grumpy.

Breakfast was tropical fruits, egg omelet and fried bananas…along side a beautiful beach front view.


My sisters and I boarded the boat to head over to my bridal suite at the wedding venue.

collage 1

We were whisked away to my bridal casita upon arriving around 10:30am. The casita was on top of a hill over looking the beach. It was surrounded by trees, birds, hammocks and everything a bride needs to stay relaxed hours before the wedding.   (I really miss this bed and my tan).

IMG_7609a  IMG_7606

I had the best nap of the trip on that beautiful bed.

Fresh fruits and champagne to enjoy throughout the day.

collage 2

We got full body massage (including hair massage, the best!) and relaxed at the beach afterwards.

collage 3

On our way back to the casita, this little guy wanted to play with us. We ran back the other way and took the longer route.


Then lunch was served. They served us traditional food with vegetables and fruits. I ate white fish, rice and roasted vegetables.


About 2 pm, we started with hair and make-up.

collage 4

Celebrated with some bubbly after we were all dressed.


After the wedding ceremony, snacks were served during cocktail hour.


My DIY drink straws came out really nice with all the drinks.


Dinner was served around the same time the sun was setting. I think Mexico and Hawaii has the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Everyone raved about the food during the reception. We had buffet style and I ate fish, pasta, vegetables and dessert.


While the sun was setting, the ambience at the beach was so romantic. The place was lit with so many candles, just how I imagined it would be on our wedding night.


After the toasts and speeches, it was time to cut the cake. We had chocolate cake with butter cream icing.

0781-NC-5d2-IMG_4400 0787-CR-5d2a-IMG_13890803-NC-5d2-IMG_4687

During the reception, we had a tequila tasting table. Our wedding guests are still talking about the smooth tequila that was served. It was really smooth and very little after taste. Even guests who don’t normally drink, shared a shot with us.

0865-NC-5d2-IMG_9740 0881-NC-5d2-IMG_9828 0883-NC-5d2-IMG_9832

It got wild and crazy and so much fun.


We got back at the hotel around 2am. My wedding dress had a few tore and plenty of stain. All evidence of a fun party we just had.

I swear when I took off my dress, it looked like it was standing on its own. I had to slip back into the dress the next day for our trash-the-dress session.


It was an unforgettable day.


  1. Absolutely LOVE that dancing photo — love love love! You look so happy, so pretty!

    I ate what I wanted when I wanted and totally indulged in champagne. I felt fabulous!

  2. What a great idea! All of that fresh fruit looks amazing! A tequilla tasting?? Awesome!

  3. Sara Grambusch says:

    Thank you for sharing. Those are beautiful photos!

  4. Your pics are so beautiful! Plus you whole day looked so relaxing and stress free. I was up by 7:00am and at a hair appointment by 9am on the day of my wedding, after that things were just so crazy busy, I wish I had had a moment to relax or at least take a breath!

  5. survivingcandyland says:

    OMG congrats. Looks like it was the most beautiful day ever. You seriously look amazing. Hope it was everything you dreamed of.

  6. These pictures are so beautiful! Everything looks so romantic. I love all of the candles and the flowers are so pretty 🙂 Your wedding was goregous!

  7. Congratulations, Lea! I know it’s belated, but you were such a beautiful bride! I love this post because A) I love weddings B) I love food and seeing what people eat around special occasions.
    I’m pretty sure I could live on fruit and champagne, but the rest of the festivities look equally amazing. What an amazing wedding day you two had. Thanks for sharing. xox

  8. teresa says:

    i wish you all the luck in the universe , what a lovely location for a wedding !!

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