{Weekend} Phone Snapshots

It was a busy and fun filled weekend.

Here are some snapshots of my weekend thru my phone.

Pumpkin Pancakes every morning.


Road trip down south.


Comfy in my Tom’s shoes. So comfortable.

IMG-20111008-00574-2 IMG-20111008-00573-2

Chris’s favorite spot for fries.


Veggie Burgers, garlic fries {bottomless} and salads for me.


We hung out in Long Beach.


Spent the night at Queen Mary Dark Harbor. There are some real and fake haunted stories here.


Good quality and scary mazes.

IMG-20111009-00592-2 IMG-20111009-00591-2

Stressed and scared but at the same time, it was fun.


I have been looking at this race medal from 2009. I’m inspired to race again 🙂


Sad to see the weekend end.

Hope you had a fun one.


  1. I would love to stay on a haunted ship! I’m totally a sucker for ghost stories and even went as far as ghost hunting at a local haunted hotel abour two years ago!!! Your camera takes some awesome pics! I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. So fun! Bottomless fries?? Amazing

  3. You guys always do such fun stuff! Love it!

    I love Ruby’s! I have ben tot he one in Huntington Beach on the pier several times! My son loves their milkshakes!

    Love haunted houses, hoping to get to one this month!

    Happy Tuesday love!

  4. I love Ruby’s!! They have the best fries and burgers there. 🙂

    Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  5. ahhh sooo many things i love about this post! pumpkin pancakes, tom’s shoes, and veggie burgers. i have also been to the queen mary!


  1. […] Queen Mary Dark Harbor in Long Beach – My first time this year and it was soooo scary!! […]

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