Flower Market

I am trying to consume less coffee these days and I’m trying it out first with starting out the process by drinking coffee every other morning.

On days I don’t drink coffee, I brew myself a huge pot of black tea and drink it throughout the day.  I’m currently using Tazo Awake (black tea).


I like the ritual of drinking something hot in the morning. I do love the taste of coffee and miss it when I don’t drink it, but black tea is not that bad either.

P.S. I got that cute tea infuser at the Crate & Barrel outlet store. It was on sale and I got a great deal ($7?) and I can’t believe it took me so long to start using it.

Black tea paired with a huge oat bran bowl completes my breakfast.


I’ve been out of oat bran and almond butter for awhile and finally replenish the pantry. I use a whisk to stir the oats while it’s cooking and it comes out so fluffy.


A huge bowl full of fluffy oats.


L.A. Flower Market

I mentioned before that my youngest sister Hazel is celebrating her 18th Birthday Party with a Debut Party.

We are expecting about 180+ guests at the party. In order to help my parents with party expenses, I offered to help by doing all the flower decorations. I will need to make about 20+ center pieces, 2 huge floral arrangement for the stage and 1 bouquet.

Quantity wise, I’ve never had a big DIY project like this,  but I love all things crafty so I am confident that I can do it, it’s just a matter of spending the time to get it all done.


We headed out to downtown L.A. to scout some flowers at the Flower Market. The market is a wholesale flower warehouse. This is where local flower shop owners by their flowers for resale but the public have access to it too for a small fee.



I think they used this location for the movie Valentine’s Day, the scenes where Ashton Kutcher’s character picks flowers for his flower shop.

We are not buying flowers on this trip, but to look around and see what flowers are available and in season. Also, to talk to vendors to make sure the flowers are available during the day of the party.

The orchids looked so beautiful.


However, buying orchids in large quantity is out of our budget 😦


We decided to use about 240+ roses and others white flowers.


The centerpieces will be created with white roses, other cream/white flowers and green foliage to fill the arrangement.


I ended up purchasing all the vases, green foam and candle holders needed for the centerpieces. The only thing I have to buy the day before the party are the fresh flowers.

Before we left L.A., we also walked around Fashion District since it was only a few blocks away.


The only thing I bought is a nail polish bottle. Dark = Fall season.


It was a fun day spent with my sister Hazel and my friend Cher. It was scorching hot, and I regret wearing dark pants. My flip flop and sheer top saved me from over heating.

IMG_4789a IMG_4791a


  1. The pics of all the flowers are SO beautiful! Love! Flowers make me happy : )

    Your oat bran bowl looks amazing! Yum!

    Love the new nail color, very pretty for fall!

    Happy Sunday love! xoxo ❤

  2. I wish I enjoyed tea! That pot is so cute! And your oatmeal always looks totally delicious!! Thats awesome that you’re doing the flowers. Growing up, I worked for a florist and absolutely loved it. Your outfit is so darn cute

    • whoa? you worked as a florist? that must have been a fun job. I’ve always wanted to work in a flower shop. I want to design bouquets and work with beautiful flowers.

  3. I like your tea pot! I try to drink tea since I’m not a coffee drinker.

    Beautiful pics of the flowers!

  4. we have the same tea kettle/pot! =) I got it for my mom for mothers day a few years ago and then had to go hunt one down too! hehe

    happy sunday love! ❤

  5. That tea pot is so cute! 🙂

    The pictures of the flowers are absolutely beautiful! I love your outfit too!

  6. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! 🙂

  7. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Wow 150+ guests you have your hands full.

    All the flowers look amazing with all the bright vivid colors I’m sure everything will look fantastic, Can’t wait to see the end result.

    What a beautiful family you all are.

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