Wicked Fun For Everyone

Another fun weekend has past and another week has begun.

I hit the gym this morning for a 30 minute HIIT workout on the treadmill. I want to incorporate more HIIT workouts again (like I did during the months leading up to the wedding). It really helped me tone up.

I love doing HIIT workouts because I am super sweaty at the end and know that I kicked my own butt at the gym…BUT I hate that 30-60 seconds on each cycle when I reach 95%-99% and my chest feels so tight and on the verge of throwing up. I never do, but that’s how it feels like.

I did the following HIIT workout this morning (it’s one of my favorite HIIT routine).


I set the alarm an hour earlier last night because I had planned on running outside this morning, but decided to head to the gym instead for a quick workout.

We’ve had a heat wave this past week. Check out the temperature reading!!!


That reading was from a couple of days ago. It’s really hot during the day, but cools down significantly in the evenings.

Green monster protein smoothie was the perfect breakfast on this hot morning.


In the smoothie –> 1 frozen chopped banana, 2 cups spinach, almond milk, half scoop rice protein powder and Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer (chocolate flavor).  The chocolate flavor was not that strong or sweet, which is great because the taste of the banana stood out.


Wicked Fun For Everyone

Since it’s cooler in the evenings, all we want to do is go out and do fun things.

As you can probably tell already, we love doing festive activities with our friends during Halloween time and go to all haunted and scary mazes available in the L.A. and Orange County area.

Lets see….we have gone to:

  • Universal Studios Horror Nights in L.A. (2010 pictures). – We haven’t gone this year yet.
  • Queen Mary Dark Harbor in Long Beach – My first time this year and it was soooo scary!!
  • Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park – (2010 pictures)

This year, we checked out Knott’s Berry Farm early in the season to avoid the crowds. It was a great night to go because the lines for the mazes were short (or no lines at all) and we were able to go to all 14 mazes.

Knott's Scary Farm - 1

This is my 4th? year going to Knott’s Scary Farm so the monsters and the mazes are less scary each year, though it’s always fun to see the newbies get scared.

But there were a few new mazes that still scared me. One of my favorite maze is the outdoor corn fields maze and I usually get scared on that one every year but this year, it just felt like there were less monsters and I wasn’t scared at all. Or maybe the scary factor has worn off?!?

The log ride maze was fun too. It’s a water ride with monster hidden all throughout the ride.

Knott's Scary Farm 2

It was a wicked night and wicked fun!!!!

Do you go to any Halloween events in your area? Do you scare easily?


  1. We went to the Great America Halloween haunt thing a few years ago and it was actually really fun 🙂

    I miss my HIIT workouts! I can do a moderated version, but it’s just not the same!

  2. I loooove Vega products! They came to the Richmond Vegetarian Festival and I got to try lots of samples! I just wish they weren’t so expensive 😦

    • I agree about the pricing. I usually wait for sales and then buy the bigger container. I also try to use half servings instead of full serving to make it last longer.

  3. That theme park looks like so much fun! It would definitely be a place I would love going to year after year as well!

  4. HIIT is awesome! What a great workout. We have a huge “fright night” near us and we’ve never gone! Halloween is HUGE in Charleston! You should see the decorations in our neighborhood

  5. I definitely scare easily! I hate haunted hayrides. I went on one a while ago and I vowed never to go back.

  6. Yay for a scary and halloween style weekend!

    I do not like haunted houses, but we did a pumpkin patch and hayride last weekend!

    I love halloween time!

    xoxo ❤

  7. actorsdiet says:

    oh geez i scare too easily to go. but abe is convincing me to try universal this year…

    • You’ll have fun at Universal. Their production (the actors and mazes) look really professional like movie sets. I would recommend getting the “front of the line” pass if you decide to go on crowded nights (on the weekends and days closer to Halloween). It’s extra fee but you don’t have to stand in line to get into mazes. When it’s crowded, the lines are often 1.5 hours long 😦

  8. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    I’ve only been to Knott’s Scary Farm once and to a Halloween Dance in Hollywood once that is it.

    Not sure if you’ve heard of “The Haunted Hay Ride” in Griffith Park I heard it’s pretty scary you might want to check it out. http://losangeleshauntedhayride.com/

    My husband and I are thinking of going to a Halloween Party but it’s still up in the air if a lot of our friends go then we most likely go. I like going with a group of people it makes for a funner time either way being with my hubby it will always be fun. = )

    • Thanks for sharing the link. I went to go check it out and the front page already scared me, lol! I can only imagine how scary the actual hayride might be.


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