Blueberry Bagel, Veggie Burgers & Disney

We had a fun and very busy weekend. I hope you had a fun weekend too.

I’m a creature of habit.  I love structures and routine so I don’t mind Mondays too much because that’s the beginning of our weekly routine.

My Monday morning gym routine –> 35 minutes HIIT  treadmill workout. Done!

Breakfast was a change this morning. I was sent a sample of Thomas’ Bagel Thins Blueberry flavor and I was excited to have it for breakfast.


I like bagel thins because it’s light and doesn’t sit like a rock in my stomach. I like that when I toast it, the edge gets crispy but the middle stays soft and chewy.


I toasted the bagel thins with Cabot sharp cheddar cheese on top. For my breakfast sandwich melt, I also included 2 egg scramble.

IMG_5437 IMG_5436

If you like the lightly sweetened taste of the cinnamon bagel thins, then you will enjoy these blueberry flavor too.



Meatless Monday – Veggie Burgers

Veggie burgers is on the menu for dinner tonight. I try to ALWAYS have homemade veggie burgers in the freezer to have as a meal at least once a week.

I made our current favorite nutty veggie burger recipe. Chris loves these, he always comments how good it is every time he eats them. For this batch, I used fresh herbs using fresh parsley from my garden. I think adding fresh herbs adds more flavor more than the dried ones.


We love these veggie burgers because of the texture. Lots of crunch and nuts in each patty.


I’m currently on a BBQ phase where I want to dip and put BBQ sauce on everything.



Disney Fun – Halloween Time

The park has been really crowded lately, the Halloween crowd is in full force. Instead of riding our favorite rides, we have enjoyed our evenings walking around, exploring the less crowded area of the park and watching shows.

IMG_5830-2Disney - halloween 2011a IMG_5829IMG_5800

I love how they decorate their seasonal bakery items. I always sneak in the bakery to see what they have created for the week. These chocolate covered apple looked like ornaments. Beautiful things.


I am clumsy at times so I have to be extra careful when I go into the glass store. You break, you buy!



We also stopped to enjoy the Halloween firework show.


…..and visited Rabbit’s garden 🙂


Disney can be a stress reliever and it’s a great place for us to hangout on Sunday evenings to wrap up our weekend and also to relax the night before we start our week.


  1. Disney looks like so much fun!!! Those apples are amazing and don’t even look real! I should probably start meatless Monday’s again, I haven’t done them in a while and always love the challenge of finding a great recipe to cook for dinner!

    • I like having at least one meatless meals a week (we usually end up doing more meatless meals). It’s good for us and it’s also cheaper too to skip on meat at least once a week. I’ll be sure to check out your recipes when you do start.

  2. BBQ on anything is a huge win!

    I was sort of hoping that they would make the pumpkin spice bagels in bagel thins. Now *that* would be awesome 🙂

  3. i haven’t had the blueberry thins but i’d love them. i usually eat the everything and cinnamon raisin flavors — love them both.

  4. Can I just come hang out with you guys for a weekend? You guys always do such fun things! ❤

    I really need to make these veggie burgers, they look awesome!

    Happy Monday! xoxo

  5. I’m so jealous that you get to go to Disney all the time! I already want to go back. Those veggie burgers seriously look perfect. I bet they have awesome texture!!

  6. Hotchick says:

    Hi! I just went there last wk and it was soooo crowded! I mean, who goes there on a Monday evening?? Apparently a lot of ppl do!! Anyways, yah i had the orange Mickey jackolantern candy apple and the ears were so yum! Can’t wait to see your Disney Xmas pics for I will not be returning for another 5 yrs or so.

    • Crowded on a Monday morning? whoa…I wonder if it was a school holiday? The park has been getting really crowded lately so I wouldn’t be surprised.

      How fun that you ate that candy apple, I would have called dibs on the chocolate ears on that one. I’m looking forward to Christmas decorations being put up soon.

  7. I am so jealous of your trip to Disney!!!!! I wish I could be there.

  8. Mmmm – the veg burgers look great. Then again, I like most anything with BBQ!

  9. How funny, I think every time I come to check your blog out, the post is about when you were at Disneyland 😛 Disney during halloween looks really fun~

    • ha ha, I usually post about Disney on Mondays because we spend our Sunday evenings at the park. Come visit the blog on other days and you’ll find travel and dessert posts, lol! Disney is fun and it’s so festive during fall and Xmas season.

  10. you got to try a BLUEBERRY bagel thin??????? so jealous! I’ve been wanting them to create that flavor foreverrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  11. Louanne Kotur says:

    Baking is one of my favorite past times. I especially love to bake in the fall. There are so many yummy treats to bake that make your house smell sooo good 🙂 I am always looking for new things to try. Sometimes they turn out great and other times….well lets just say our dog loves treats 🙂

  12. Blueberry bagels are my favorite! I saw those blueberry bagel thins in the store. I need to buy them!

    Those veggie burgers look amazing. I’m going to have to try making them.

    I love all of your Disneyland photos! I’m so jealous you live so clsoe and get to travel there often. I love Disney 🙂

  13. Heidy Heidel says:

    Thank you so much for this post, I’d just like to say that breakfast sandwich looked so good!!!! I love to have my breakfast sandwiched on blueberry bagles. My husband thinks it is so gross. I also agree with you about loving mondays. It makes me feel more pulled together and with it cause I know things need to be done;) I like my weekends too though.

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