What I Ate – Fresh Lobster

We’ve had beautiful weather around here. I am enjoying it while it lasts. Heard there’s a storm coming soon.

Admiring the  last of the ripe oranges. They are sour though 😦

IMG_6370 IMG_6369

And enjoying the last of the beautiful plumerias. It might be the last bloom until next season. My mother-in-law gave us a few plumeria plants. They are still in pots, but we need to plant them and find them a permanent place in our garden.

IMG_6372 IMG_6371

We are taking a trip soon so I am trying to eat up the last of the dairy products in our refrigerator.

Breakfast this morning was a yogurt bowl. A cup of greek yogurt, 1 large honey crisp apple and granola.


I love the taste of creamy, thick yogurt mixed with crunchy apple and granola. This combo is usually my afternoon snack but it’s great for breakfast too.


Fresh Mexican Grill food for lunch.


I love fresh salsa so this is one of the reasons why I love eating at Rubio’s Restaurant. I eat a total of 8 mini-cups of salsa for one plate of food.


I got the Fish Taco combo. This is my favorite plate from Rubio’s. Simple but tasty.


I requested black beans on the side instead of the regular refried beans.


Chris cooked something special for dinner.

It’s now lobster season and Chris caught some fresh fish (halibuts) and lobster this week. You can read more about his diving hobbies on his blog.

fresh lobster

He cooked lobster stir fry. He used fresh vegetables, jalapenos, cilantro, oyster sauce and other spices. It was delicious.


Served with brown rice to complete our meal.


It was a great meal to welcome the beginning of lobster season. Hopefully we can host a dinner party with friends soon and include lobster in our menu. We talked tonight about how lucky we feel to have access and being able to eat fresh food, especially fresh seafood.

Hope you are having a good week so far!


  1. Drooool! Lobster is amazing! Its been a long while since i had some. The stir fry looks so delicious. Your bfast is making me miss parfaits! I must pick up dairy free yogurt

  2. Those foods look goooooood! I might say, its healthy living, after all.

  3. i love Rubios and their fish tacos! everything looks so yummy! 🙂

  4. That lobster just look like the most amazing melt in your mouth lobster ever! Gosh!

    Loving your yogurt bowl!

    Happy Thursday love! xoxo

  5. I need a rubios in my life…man!

  6. awww suchhh beautiful plumerias!!! I love flowers, and every time I look at them I get so giddy. 😀

  7. Hubby and I used to frequent Rubios a lot when we lived in San Diego. Heck, there was one on campus at the main center. LOVED their fish tacos. When we moved back up north we couldn’t find any Rubios anywhere. But now, they built one just down the street from us. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. LOL.

    And the lobster dinner looks amazing. I could only imagine the taste,

  8. YUM that breakfast looks amazing!!

  9. that lobster dish looks delicious! i don’t know anything about cooking lobster… but those pics make me want to learn!! 🙂

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