Cruise Vacation – Bye Bye Land

 We are back from our vacation. We were on a 9-day Mexican Riviera Cruise that took us all over Mexico. We visited Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada. It was a wonderful trip filled with shore excursions, shopping, lots of eating and enjoying the cruise ship entertainment.

I will be back-dating the cruise vacation recap when they are posted.

Bye Bye Land

On our Embarkation Day for our cruise, the weather was gloomy and rainy. It made us look forward to our Mexican Riviera cruise even more knowing there will be sunshine for the rest of our trip.


We boarded the ship early knowing we won’t be able to check-in until after 2pm. Our first meal on the cruise was a lunch buffet. I was happy to find a lot of healthy options on the buffet.

11-04-11 Cruise_Day 1

Check-in time came around and we were happy to settle in. I’m glad we decided to upgrade our room and reserved a stateroom with a balcony. It made our room feel larger and more open.


Once our luggage were delivered, we unpacked and then explored the cruise ship and our home for the next 9 days.

Our cruise ship sailed away from the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, CA.


It had been raining on and off all day long. The skies cleared as we sailed away and a beautiful rainbow appeared to bid us a good trip 🙂 We admired the beautiful rainbow from the top deck of the cruise.


We also watched the sunset as we sailed away.


We choose late dining option for this cruise. Which meant an 8:15pm seating at the Empire Restaurant every night for dinner.

IMG_6605 IMG_6606

I already know that I am going to be indulging in a lot of delicious desserts on this trip. I kept my dinner light so I have some room to enjoy their famous molten lava cake.

11-04-11 Cruise_Day 1 dinner

Our official cruise photo for Day 1.


First day on the cruise went well. I felt a little sea sick and took some medicine. It usually takes me a full day to get used to the ship swaying back and forth. Once I get past the first day, I feel fine afterwards.


  1. What a great cruise! Love that you saved room for dessert-smart chicky 🙂

  2. How fun!

    I didn’t even know you were away! I thought you were just taking a little break blogging ; ) well I guess you were, but its because you were out on a cruise!

    I bet it was a blast!

    Happy Monday! xoxo ❤

  3. I’ve been on a cruise one time and I most definitely want to go back! They are so fun. That molten chocolate cake and the creme brulee look delicious! I can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip 🙂

  4. Your first day looked so fun and your room look likes a really decent size, especially for a cruise! I can’t wait to read more about PV, my favorite place ever!!!

  5. Defiant Vegan(Annette) says:

    Wow everything looks wonderful Lea!

    The food looks awesome and light and that dining area at teh Empire Rest. just outlandish…

    Tofu Steaks yummm it’s great to hear that there are more Veg*n friendly places out there! That makes me happy!

    Glad you are having fun!


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