Holiday Magic – Main Street at Disneyland

I hope this post will get you into the Christmas spirit…..

Let the {holiday} memories begin.

Being surrounded by so many Christmas lights can cheer me up any day.


I’m feeling the holiday magic very early this year.  I’ve been feeling it since mid-November. I can’t help it.


Do you remember how Christmas makes you feel? That special magic in the air.

Remember the smell of gingerbread?


I feel the Christmas spirit now and I especially feel the holiday magic when we spend time at Disneyland every Sunday.


I love the holiday firework show. I still get goose bumps every single time, no matter how many times I’ve watched it. I love the opening song used during the show.




Surrounded by holiday goodies on Main Street U.S.A.

11-27-11 Disney Xmas11-27-11 Dinner Xmas1

The reindeers came out to celebrate and had fun with us.

IMG_7340 IMG_7339

We enjoyed ice cream sundae from our favorite place on Main St. while waiting for the firework to start. Chris loves the ice cream but I love the waffle cone more. I waited patiently for him to finish his double scoop, I helped him, of course. The I went to town with the waffle cone coated with caramel and hot gooey chocolate.

11-27-11 Dinner Xmas2

After the firework show is done, we have our version of white Christmas  when it starts snowing.


Snow, snow, snow….wheeee!


Some window shopping before leaving the park for the night.

IMG_7231 IMG_7235 IMG_7236

There are so many cute ornaments available this year, they are a little different from last year, so I am still undecided on which one I’m going to pick to add to our tree this year.


Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? Are you planning to buy new ornaments this year?



  1. Ah! Disney at christmas is so awesome!! That ice cream (especially the bowl) sounds fantastical! Im finally starting to get in the christmas spirit

  2. I love Disney so much! I’ve only ever been to Disney World, not Disneyland. Disneyland looks beautiful for the holidays! I was in Disney World when it was decorated for the holidays and it was breathtaking! They had a light show that was amazing and they made it snow after the light show was done. It was magical 🙂

    • I was at Disney World during holiday season a few years ago and I agree, the decorations and lights, it was breathtaking. Since Disneyland is much smaller, the atmosphere feels more cozy and not so grand. I think that’s why I love it.

  3. I love that you get to experience Disney so often and especially at the holidays. It looks magical! It would be right up my alley this time of year.

    I too have been feeling the Christmas spirit and at this point, I think I can safely go all out 🙂

  4. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Awesome! I love Christmas too I’m never sad like some say on the contrary I think I feel more cheery than ever during the Holidays.

  5. Such beautiful pictures! Can you believe I’ve never been to Disney before! GASP! I definitely will get there sooner or later when I have children! 🙂

  6. I totally have holiday spirit! I swear every year it comes earlier and earlier!

    I love that you guys go to Disney Land every week! How fun, exciting and special! I’m jealous!

    We try and buy a few ornaments every year. It makes decorating the tree so fun because we get to look back at where we bought them all!

  7. oh this would definitely put me in the holiday mood- looks like so much fun!

  8. actorsdiet says:

    yay yay yay! thank you for this – i won’t be making it to disneyland this xmas so i’ve got my fix!

    • Yay, glad you enjoyed the post.

      I’m breaking the holidays at Disneyland posts into different area in the park. My new favorite this year is the light show they have at “It’s A Small World” ride 🙂

  9. Awesome pics. I love Christmas and I felt the Christmas spirit even more after reading your post. I wish I can visit Disneyland during the holidays, everything looks so fun!

  10. This looks so fun! I feel the holiday spirit just looking at your pictures. I too like to start gearing up for the holidays in mid November. The season goes so fast why not enjoy it as long as possible!

    • Hi Jamie, I completely agree. The holiday season feels so short that I want to extend it as much as possible. Come January time, it will all feel like a blur.

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