BeClaws It’s Good – Dining Out With Friends + $100 Giveaway

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Recently, we dined out with friends at one of our favorite local spots. Chris and I used to think of this place as “our secret local spot” but thanks to good reviews on Yelp, the place is getting more crowded. I’m just glad that business is booming for them.


We love coming here because it has a casual and fun vibe in the restaurant. The food taste great and it’s a good place for dining with a group of friends.

…..and BeClaws it’s Good!


Even before we sat down at our table, we could already smell the garlic and seafood sauce. It definitely revved up our appetite.

We all opted to wear our bibs. Trust me, we all needed it. You’ll see why soon.


Cher and I have been training together for the half marathon and we have been spending our time mostly at parks and trails for our runs. It was great being together and not wearing our workout clothes and just spending the night eating and chatting about the upcoming holiday celebrations.

Just simply catching up on life.


Our friends Tom and Caroline joined us too. They are our Disneyland and travel buddies. It was great to share this place with them since they’ve never been at Claws.


We ordered appetizers and side dishes to share together.

IMG_8306 IMG_8303 IMG_8304

We ordered a mix that included shrimp, sausage and corn.


Marinated in all sorts of herbs and sauce, lemon, garlic, paprika, hot sauce and etc.


Then it was time to eat and get our hands dirty.


Dig In.


I enjoyed a few servings of the shrimp with a side of steam vegetables.

Chris loves the sauce. He orders baguettes on the side so he can dip the bread into the mix.


I love these kind of dining experience with friends, where it’s low key and we just enjoy each other’s company.


Unless it’s date night, Chris and I are often found dining out and socializing with a group of friends.

We always have fun eating  out with our friends. However, when we have a big group, it becomes a challenge when the time comes to pay for dinner expenses. The hard part is figuring out the individual orders, calculating the tax + tip and designating someone to collect the method of payments.

So to make our dining experience more enjoyable and spend less time worrying about calculating the final bill, my friends and I signed up for an account with Serve by American Express. It helps make group dining experience easy and simple.

Serve is a new and efficient way to transfer money between friends, instantly via email or mobile device. It can help avoid the awkwardness of owing friends/buddies money.

One person can pick up the bill and their friends can use their smart phones to transfer money instantly and pay them back. . Transferring money is as easy as sending an email.

For more information or to sign up for an account, just visit Serve. You get $10 just for trying it.


Once you have signed up for Serve, leave a comment and you’ll be entered for the giveaway.

Remember to sign up for Serve and receive $10 credit towards your first use. Comment below within the next 7 days for your chance to win an extra $100 credit to your account! Official sweepstakes rules and regulations may be found by clicking here. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.


  1. oh my yum! That shrimp looks SO good! What a fun spot!!

  2. Ashley M says:

    I signed up! What a great idea!

  3. actorsdiet says:

    i’m signed up! would love another $100 for my account!

  4. I just signed up yesterday!

  5. The corn is my fav!!!

    I’ve signed up!

  6. I signed up for an account the other day and love it! Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  7. I signed up!

  8. fittingbackin says:

    wow -t hat looks so amazing and fresh! I must admit – i’ve never gotten to go somewhere where you get a bib to eat – i’m missing out!

  9. I signed up! I would love a girl’s night out!

  10. Erica Best says:

    I signed up months ago

  11. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    That place looks delicious I love Restaurants like that. Yummm.

  12. anna pry says:
  13. Megan M. says:

    I’m all signed up with Serve! That dinner looked fantastic!

  14. Rondah says:

    I signed up under rjs682 at yahoo dot com.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Sounds like will let me dump Paypal once and for all! Thanks for the tip.

  16. I have an acct with Serve.
    The acct is under ryanac32 at yahoo dot com

  17. Caroline says:

    I signed up! Wish me luck! =)

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