Foodbuzz 24×24: A Lobster Feast

I love the time in between Christmas and New Year, my friends and family are usually off of work and it’s the best time to spend time together before we welcome the new year.

Chris was on vacation for a week. We were able to enjoy our days doing something outdoorsy, like hiking. When evening came, he headed out to dive for lobster.


This year’s lobster season has been great and we have accumulated quite a collection in our freezer.

It was time to cook them up and share the wealth of seafood.

We cooked up some fresh lobster and fish this weekend and invited our friends over for an early dinner to kick start the New Year’s Eve celebration.

On the Menu:



I played sous chef for the night and helped Chris prepare the ingredients for our feast. The chef was really busy, cooking several dishes at once,


For starters, we enjoyed cheddar garlic biscuits fresh from the oven.


It was served with Lobster Bisque.


Next up was fried lobster and halibut for tacos. We did the same recipe we use for our fish taco nights.


The lobster were perfectly coated with flavorful batter and fried to perfection. I could not help but snack on a few pieces while setting up our table. It was so good.


Simple and fresh ingredients were assembled together to complete our tacos.

The homemade white sauce and fresh ingredients it the key to making this taco.


Fresh and local ingredients.


Usually, one taco is never enough but I stopped at one.  I made sure to make room for more lobster.

Next on the menu was lobster stir-fry.


This stir fry changes each time we make it. We use oyster sauce as the base and will add any vegetables we have around. We love using a ton of cabbage, broccoli, onions, garlic and plenty of fresh cilantro. Add Syracha if you like heat.


Served on a bed of soft and fluffy brown rice.

Oh my, what a feast we had.

Our bellies were full and happy.


After dinner, I served some fresh and warm cookies. No lobster were used in the making of the cookies 🙂


I also made some desserts ahead of time to serve with the fresh cookies. I made some coconut balls and oatmeal cranberry cookies.


It was a memorable way to end the year, spending time with friends and family.

Our Lobster Feast!

Lobster Feast

I was selected by Foodbuzz for the December’s FoodBuzz 24×24. What is 24×24? 24 Featured Publishers selected by FoodBuzz team have 24 hours to post an unforgettable meal.


  1. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM! What a menu. I wish I was in attendance 🙂 The bisque sounds truly out of this world

  2. Hmmm, I LOVE lobster!!

  3. WOW! What an incredible meal! I’m coming over to your house for dinner 😉

  4. wow! that dinner plus those cookies sounds like the perfect meal!

  5. Wow! What an absolutely incredible meal. Can I come over for dinner next time?! 🙂

  6. oh man…your lobster meals are making me jealous! i think i would have gone to town…all by myself… on that fried lobster 😉

    • As much as I have wanted to keep eating and eat it all, sadly, my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I was full after the 2nd entree. We did have plenty of leftovers so that was great too.

  7. What an amazing meal!! I love lobster, but rarely eat it! I would never think about it in tacos, love it!

  8. My first time on your blog – really enjoyed it! The NYE celebration looks terrific!


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