What I Ate – Almost No Cook Version

I’ve learned to stream line my morning routine and I feel like I’m back to my old self and my active lifestyle. I’ve consistently made it to the gym first thing in the morning the last few weeks. Woohoo! One of the things that I’ve done to stay sane in the morning is to do […]

Sesame Street Birthday Party

My nephew Jonah is now a 1-year-old big boy. He had a party and we celebrated Sesame Street style. The birthday boy was in a celebratory mood. Look at how happy he looks here 🙂 We all signed a huge birthday card for him….something he can read and enjoy once he is old enough to […]

Penne Pasta with White Bean and Roasted Tomatoes

Even though we had a rainy St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I know that Spring is on its way. Look what’s blooming now in my garden. Even though I have neglected my garden recently, I haven’t had time to do some weeding and I go for days without watering the flowers because of my busy schedule, […]

{Road Trip} Big Sur – Nepenthe Restaurant

The next stop during our fun road trip along the scenic California coast was Big Sur. I’ve heard so many great things about Big Sur, about the great views one will find and the active community that lives in this coastal town. I’ve also read about Big Sur from other blogs that I follow. Our […]

Dairy Free Spinach Stuffed Shells

I have several vegetarian recipes on dinner rotation and few handful go-to recipes for whenever I want to cook Meatless on Mondays. But I have bookmarked so many recipes that I really should start trying making new ones. This new recipe I  wanted to try intimidated me at first because I’ve never tasted the “real […]