{Road Trip} Big Sur – Nepenthe Restaurant

The next stop during our fun road trip along the scenic California coast was Big Sur.

I’ve heard so many great things about Big Sur, about the great views one will find and the active community that lives in this coastal town. I’ve also read about Big Sur from other blogs that I follow.

Our friends recommended that we stop at Nepenthe Restaurant while in Big Sur.

Perched on the edge of the continent, high above the Pacific, watched over by the majestic Santa Lucia Mountains sits Nepenthe Restaurant.




We sat on the terrace, admiring the ocean view, before heading into the restaurant for lunch.


IMG_2491  IMG_2485

As expected, the outside seating area was already full, so we had to settle for a table inside. The whole restaurant had a very open and airy feel, so we could still see the views outside.



Since we enjoyed a big breakfast at Solvang from our last stop and weren’t quite ready for big meal again, we chose to order light for lunch.

We enjoyed artichoke hearts salad.


Dipped in a creamy sauce.


Our server recommended the tomato soup, so that’s what I ordered. I loved this bowl of soup. It was creamy, yet it was vegan so it had no cream in it. (One of the reasons I don’t like ordering soup at restaurants is because they use too much cream in their recipe.)

IMG_2467 IMG_2462

What a comforting bowl of soup this was. I hope this soup recipe is in their cookbook.


When I took a bite from our friends plate of smoke salmon, it was so fresh, that it just melted in my mouth.


Unfortunately we had a time restraint and had to be on our way. We wanted to get to our final destination on this road trip by dinner time.

I wish we could have stayed longer and lounge around, drinking wine and eating desserts.

IMG_2482 IMG_2481

Chris and I have taken road trips along the coast but never took the time to stop by Nepenthe. We’re glad we made time during this trip. It was fun to stop and take in the view.



  1. You have the cutest clothes! I need you to come shop for me ;). What a BEAUTIFUL restaurant. And a really neat salad too

  2. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous restaurant! I would love to hang out and take in the view all day…I love those cushions on the seats. They’d probably have to kick me out 😉

  3. Defiant Vegan (Annette says:

    Wow that place is beautiful. Sounds like a great weekend. I’ve been wanting to go to Big Sir have passed by there but never stopped.

  4. Big Sur looks beautiful! I love that last photo of you in the phone booth – so cute.

    And I’m with you on the soup – I rarely order it outside because of the cream issue! Vegan soups are the best.


  1. […] already posted pictures from Solvang and Nepenthe Restaurant, and these pictures were taken on the same road trip with friends, as we made our way up to […]

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