She Runs LA 10K – Big Hair, Big Stride

Early Saturday morning, we drove to L.A.


Our destination? The backlot of Paramount Pictures for the She Runs LA 10K race.



Look at all the TV shows that are filmed on the lot….GLEE!!!


The race was 80s themed and it was fun to see everyone wearing their neon and 80s gear.

She Runs LA 1

To keep all the runners occupied before the race began (10 am start), they set up a few stations to take pictures…


Singing karaoke while running….surprisingly, the line for this activity was quiet long.


Then it was time to head to our corral. Someone led us to a group warm-up and we all stretched and danced to 80s songs.

IMG_4623 IMG_4618IMG_4624

To start the race, we headed out of the back lot.


We ran the whole race along Melrose Avenue.


There weren’t a lot of street supporters, but the entertainment made up for it. There were break dancers, 80s bands and cheerleaders along the route.

IMG_4633 IMG_4634 IMG_4631 IMG_4641

The race started at 10am, so I felt like I was already over heating half-way thru the race. I made the mistake of wearing pants, for next year, I will definitely wear shorts.

My friend Amy led our pace and it was easy to spot her with her colorful outfit.


Running in leather skirt? She’s brave.


I started running along the side walk just so I can get some shade.

After running 5.5 miles along Melrose, it was time to go back into Paramount Studios to finish the race.

IMG_4645 IMG_4646 IMG_4647

It was fun to see all these clever signs right towards the finish line.

IMG_4650 IMG_4649

This is the last turn and the finish line was right around the corner.


After I crossed the finish line, I grabbed all the free goodies. Zico coconut water x 2! Pineapple and Mango flavors. I immediately put on my finisher’s medal bracelet, I love it.


While we stretched after the race, I realized that we were in “New York” back lot.


How cool is that!



Doesn’t this picture look like I just finished a race in New York getting ready to go on the subway?


We stayed for a little while checking out all the after-race festivities, including a concert, before we headed home.

What a fun race and great day to hang out with friends.



  1. How fun!

  2. That is just SO darn fun! What a cool place to get to run and the outfits- adore!

  3. Your outfits are all so cute!! I want to do this!

  4. What a FUN race! I love all the 80s outfits!!

  5. I would have trouble with the big hair part since I just cut all of mine off!
    Looks like a lot of fun and it was a well coordinated event. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog. About the hair….I saw a few people wear wigs and mullets.

      Your comment was the first one I saw and you broke the news to me about being Freshly Pressed 🙂

      • Oh I am so glad! I try to peek once a day and I pick out about three to read and comment on that are similar to the topics on my blog. Humor is always one I love to read. Your tittle got my attention! Yours was a well deserved FP!

  6. Our outfit is very cute! how fun!

  7. Be careful: You’re making marathoning look awfully fun!

    GREAT post — congrats!


  8. Great job and signs of support. My cousin Vickey Tucker runs every year too, whole family goes out to cheer her on.

    • Thank you. This is my 2nd year running this race and each year has been different. I hope next year they come up with a clever race theme too. It’s great that you support your cousin during her race, the support means a lot to us runners.

  9. shannmark says:

    I don’t think they had this race when I lived in LA, it looks awesome! Esp. love the “New York” shot and the sweet bracelet!

  10. That looks like such a fun race! LOVE the outfits. 🙂

  11. That is awesome. Definitely jealous over here.

  12. That’s so cute! Everything is better when wearing 80’s clothes!

  13. I loved this blog. The pictures was cool. Someday I would like to run a race in LA. I live all the way in Knasas city, Missouri.

  14. That looks like a great race! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  15. Nothing like a bit of fun to make a run go faster!

  16. Defiant Vegan (Annette) says:

    Hey Lea,

    That was a fun run.. so cool.

  17. Looks like fun, and a great way to run! If its going to be as fun as that I may have to take up running 🙂 Great post x

  18. Looked like a good time. 🙂

  19. sligowarriorqueen says:

    What a setting for a 10K. I often brag about how wonderful Irish scenery is , but i think i need to to a 10k in LA too!

  20. Wow! That sounds like my kind of race. I haven’t done one yet but I’m definitely shooting for my first later this year or next year. And since I’m moving back to Southern CA in June, I’ll definitely look into this one. Thanks for sharing and the 80’s outfits are awesome!

    • I’ve always had good experiences at Nike sponsored race, especially races catered for women…it’s extra fun because it’s themed races. Welcome back to SoCal (soon)

  21. Looks like an amazing and productive day! Beautiful scenery. Even if that New York set is fake. 🙂

    • The New York set at the finish line was a fun surprise…I didn’t even realize it was there until I had some time to look around and realized…Hey, I’m on the Friends NYC set. I found it so cool.

  22. That is so cool! 🙂

  23. Looks like a super fun race!

  24. lijiujiu says:

    Excellent post. I like running too, and I will take part in Marathon this summer.

  25. Love it! The colours make it so much more fun right?!

  26. Cool…love the scene, outfit, fun and so colorful face.

  27. It’s amazing place.Congratulations on you!!

  28. wow it looks so much fun

  29. How cool is that? Somehow, I don’t recall the eighties looking so colorful, where the heck was I? All those sets certainly gave a different flavor to a neat run.

  30. What a fun theme for a running event. Really nice outfits and yes, the brave girl in leather skirt.

  31. nkitorres says:

    Great motivation and what a fun venue! Congratulations!

  32. Funny:D especially running and singing karaoke:)

  33. Congratulations! The course is lovely–and the runner too.

  34. A Little Bit Fairy says:

    Fantastic pics! I’d never heard of that run before. Made me want to get super fit & go back to LA (I live in Ireland & haven’t been to CA in years). I wonder would they let my horse carry me for the 10k, hehe!!! My poor legs are like jelly after a serious bout of the shingles but maybe I’ll make my fitness comeback @ She Runs LA 10k next year =)

  35. Love the outfits!

  36. How fun! I was thinking of doing that this year. Maybe next year! 🙂

  37. integrityisyou says:

    that’s really cool. love the idea of the whole run

  38. Those pics truly highlight what living in So Cal is all about.

  39. Ummmm, I’d totally be lining up for karaoke on the treadmill! Haha, I didn’t know about this race! What a great idea for a course and a theme….now if only I could make my way to LA!

  40. Hollywood here i come!

  41. Meghan says:

    I wish I could’ve been there, this looks sooo fun! Absolutely love all the outfits. Nobody does 10ks better than girls with a sense of humor 🙂

  42. Great work and lovely photos! I just want to say congrats for being freshly pressed today. This was my first time in that club and want to shout out to all of you who share this great day with me.
    Small Hair, Huge Stride

  43. very colorful photo’s- looks like fun!

  44. This is so cool! I thought of doing the run, but didn’t know just how serious people would take the 80’s dressup – not in and of itself a great reason to not run – and am SO bummed now that I didn’t. If you have any more LA blogging gettogethers, let me know! I’m in Redondo!

  45. This sounds like such a great race, congratulations!
    My first Half Marathon also started at 10 am, but temperatures were already in the very high 90s by that time and it didn`t cool down, of course.

    I like to listen to 80s music when I run, because it`s very energizing, happy and bright.
    Love all the pictures, the colorful outfits are awesome!

  46. I’ve never seen a run with so much pink gear around. It looks like you had a great time!

  47. Dhitri says:

    Such a fab event! Now makes me regret not signing up for upcoming She Runs the Night in Sydney! I want all the fab goodies!

  48. Katie H. says:

    Wow, that puts my Kansas City races to shame–what a fantastic venue for a run!

  49. Was just down there for the Hollywood Half- wish I could have stayed longer to do this one! My 1st marathon was Nike Women’s is SF so I am partial to those Nike races- plus, they give the *best* finisher’s bling! Congrats!


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