Birthday Cupcake Batter

It has been a relaxing weekend so far.

I did a little bit of everything.

I little bit of gardening. All of my rose bushes are in full bloom and I brought all the beautiful flowers inside.


Makes me happy to see fresh flowers when I walk out from our bedroom in the morning.


A clean kitchen also makes me double happy. A much needed Spring Cleaning was done.


I only had energy to clean one room this weekend, the rest of the house will have to wait.

A new Yogurtland opened near our house in December. Yesterday was our first visit since it opened. We had nice and hot weather so frozen yogurt was the perfect dessert.

I am celebrating my birthday this week, so I wanted to get festive and eat the “Birthday Cupcake Batter” frozen yogurt, with birthday cake topping and tons of fruits.


My all time favorite is Coconut and Taro flavors but I think these are my new seasonal favorite flavors.

IMG_1796  IMG_1798

On the other side of my cup, green tea flavor topped with coconut jellies.


All together now.


I’m one happy girl…sweet cravings satisfied 🙂


I always wondered what toppings are available at different yogurt shops.

My neighborhood yogurt shop offers a lot of toppings that I find unusual….

We have Taro Balls below on the right….


There are Lychees, fruit jellies (coconut and assorted) and sweet beans.


In the middle is the crowd favorite “mochi balls”. Littly tiny puffs of chewy mochi.


The rest of the toppings were the usual kinds, candies, granola and chocolate.

Hope you’re having a fun weekend!


What kind of unique toppings do you have where you live?



  1. ahh i want birthday cake as a topping! delish. that looks like funfetti too.

  2. Yummm! I just heart froyo! Birthday cake is a fun flavor. Happpppy birthday. Gorgeous roses

  3. oh my gosh! yogurtland has loads more toppings than my favorite froyo place here in ny! everything looks so delicious.

  4. Happy Early Birthday!!! I want frozen yogurt soooo bad but I have 3 weeks left on my sugar challenge! I’m definitely going to have it once it’s over!!
    Yogurtland looks amazing!!

  5. Birthday cake yogurt?! What an incredible flavor combination! 🙂

  6. mercadeo en linea says:

    I love Mochi frozen yogurt! The first time I tried this place when it first opened, I was instantly addicted. I went everyday for a week straight! The atmosphere of the shop has kind of a “cute” futuristic spin on it. They have clear plastic pink chairs and school girl anime playing on the television. I have tried a few different frozen yogurt places and Mochi definitely stands as number one in flavor of their yogurt. There is usually about 8 different different flavors to choose from. They change weekly too, so if you’ll never get bored with the selection. My favorite flavor is called “blue razz.” It’s a delicious amount of tart and sweet. They also have a newly introduced strawberry-kiwi sorbet, which is really good! Toppings include everything from mochi chunks, resse’s chocolate, twix bars, a dozen kinds of extremely fresh fruit, cereals, nuts, hot fudge, mini gummy bears, cheese cake chunks, nilla waffers, and so much more!! A new topping that I really enjoy are little tapioca balls filled with strawberry or mango fruit juice. Delicious! Everything is completely self serve, so you make it exactly how you want it. Don’t forget to get a punch card when you pay! Your 10th Mochi purchase will get the first 6oz free!

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