New Salad Flavors – BJ’s Restaurant

My friend Lizelle was in town recently and we got to hangout and meet-up for dinner with the rest of our circle of friends. Even if we haven’t each other for awhile, we always just seem to pick-up where we left off….I haven’t seen her since my bridal shower last year. I’m really grateful for our friendship.


We decided to eat dinner at BJ’s Restaurant.

I was looking at the new offerings on their menu, I haven’t been in a while (just searched thru the blog and it looks like the last time we ate at BJ’s was before we left for our honeymoon.)

With the warmer weather, I’m always craving something light and fresh tasting.


For appetizers, I ordered from the “small bites” choices and started off with a melon and feta salad. It included cubes of watermelon, arugula, mixed greens, pickled red onions and mint. Topped with crumbled feta and parsley.

I shared the tiny salad so everyone can have a taste of the combination. It was great combo and something I really want to make at home. I will have to find or make a homemade dressing. The restaurant served the salad with honey vinaigrette, yummy!


After we polished off the watermelon salad, my entrée was ready just in time.

More salads (what can I say…it’s my summer cravings).

This was Thai chicken mango salad.


Loved the crispy mango with chili topping.


Part of the reason I try different dishes at restaurants is because it’s part curiosity and part research.

I want to try the different combinations so that I can re-create them at home or inspire me to make a dish that is similar.

Nothing but good on this plate.


Even though the rest of the table ordered BJ’s famous Pizookie (double? or maybe triple Ghirardelli chocolate?)….


I was enjoying playing with this cutie pie who distracted me for the rest of the night. Mia is my friend Stefanie’s daughter. She’s such a good baby, no fuss and all cuteness!

IMG_0814 IMG_0816


  1. Great Post – thanks for sharing, especially that cutie pie Mia! Have a Beautiful Weekend!

  2. Wow that is some dessert. Good job resisting it!

  3. LOVE pizookies!!!

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