11 weeks – Our First Glance

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on the pregnancy announcement!

We are so excited to be on this exciting and happy journey and we can’t wait to meet our little one in March.

I have been journaling from the very beginning of the pregnancy. it’s just a matter of transferring what I wrote with pen and paper and posting some of those journal on the blog.

I was in the middle of switching doctors when I got pregnant so it took a few weeks of researching and calling around before I found the right medical group for me.

I wanted the option to see either a midwife or OB for my prenatal care and also wanted to have a midwife available during delivery.  In Orange County, there are only a handful of hospitals with midwives. Most of the midwives were at birth centers.

Lucky for me, I found a hospital very nearby that both has OB and midwives as options for prenatal.

At 11 weeks, I had my first prenatal appointment and we had our first ultrasound. I was excited, nervous and anxious. Although I had all the pregnancy symptoms, I still wanted the confirmation and also most importantly, hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Meet Baby O 🙂


My first appointment was with my midwife and she was very comforting, personal and took her time talking to me. I had a ton of questions that I brought with me and she answered all of them.

I heard the baby’s heartbeat, it was beating at 165bpm.  We even videotaped the first ultrasound, so I will have video to cherish forever.

At this time, we haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy yet, so Chris and I celebrated that night with our own little intimate celebration during dinner.

For dessert, we had little chocolate cake with a special message as the icing.

IMG_3406 IMG_3407 IMG_3408

The baby’s official due date!!!!


The cake was delicious, it had a dark chocolate ganache filled with chocolate mouse and raspberry filling.  I wish I could have eaten more but I was feeling nauseous so my husband had the hard task of finishing the rest.


At 11 weeks, no official baby bump yet, just major 1st trimester bloating. Here’s a snapshot I took at work.



  1. awww! So cute! I love the special dessert. Perfect way to celebrate

  2. Aww! This is so exciting. I love the little cakes. Excited to see how your pregnancy goes and ahhhhhhh I’m convinced you’re having a girl already haha

  3. Love the cupcake idea and your first ultrasound – thanks for sharing! Congrats again – Have a Great One!

  4. Aww! I am so excited for you! 🙂 I love that you took a video of the baby’s first heartbeat. That is such a good idea. I love the cupcakes too! I’m so excited to follow along with you. I was born in March! So I’m loving that your baby is due in March too!


  1. […] forward to announcing our pregnancy to all our family and friends. I also can’t wait for the 1st ultrasound scheduled in a few […]

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