7 Weeks – Adjusting to Pregnancy

I was one of those women who got pregnant and felt the symptoms of morning sickness right away, I felt off  and not myself as early as 4 weeks.

This is a snaphot of how I felt the first trimester. Looking back, it wasn’t really that bad. But when you are in the middle of it, when you are nauseous and tired, ALL DAY! EVERYDAY!, it takes a toll mentally.

Thankfully I never missed work or stayed home and I used the weekend to rest and re-charged my energy. 


7 Week – Pregnancy Journal

This is 3rd week of feeling fatigue and all day nausea. The last 2 weeks I’ve stayed home during the weekend and pretty much stuck to the couch.

So I finally got off the couch and made sure I left the house this weekend. The husband worked all weekend so I met with my sister and my niece and watch a Disney movie. We enjoyed watching, The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

A lot of my work tops are getting tight so I also shopped for looser button up shirts for work.

I’m still experiencing the 1st trimester bloating, really really bad and uncomfortable bloating. Thank goodness I own a lot of flowy dresses, it makes me comfortable wearing them while I’m so bloated. I have very few jeans and shorts that I can button up at this point.

08 - Aug

7 Weeks Recap

How My Body is Changing:  No baby bump yet, just plenty of bloating everywhere including my face.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  All day fatigue and evening sickness. Although I still wake up feeling tired, I do feel my worst in the evening. Most days, I come home from work and lay down right away. Whenever I see a bed, I just want to lay on it.

What I’m Eating : I love drinking citrusy drinks, I’ve been drinking flavored Vitamin water at work, it helps me from feeling too nauseous. I’m having cravings for red meat and had my first beef burger on the year this week. I normally don’t eat red meat but I’m craving them now. I even made a special request to Chris to grill us some steaks.


Special Food cravings: Salty food and citrus flavored drinks.  I’ve had sweet tooth for as long as I can remember, but oddly enough, no sweet cravings yet. Which means, I haven’t been baking either.

What I’m NOT Eating : I hate the thought of eating salads.  I’m not eating a lot vegetables right now either, but when I do, I like it with some sauce or dressing. I’ve been relying on semi-homemade meals for our dinner this week. I bought the items below from Trader Joe’s, I needed the protein and vegetables for nutrition, since I’ve been eating mostly carbs and juice.



Maternity clothes? Not yet. I’ve been wearing a lot of loose shirts, empire waist tops/dresses and flowy dresses.

Sleep: I’m getting a lot of sleep lately but  I still feel tired all the time. At times I sleep 10 hours but still feel hungover the next day. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I wake up very thirsty so I drink a cup of juice before I go back to sleep.

Best moment this week: Getting out of the house, watching a movie and spending time with my niece.

Miss Anything? I miss my energy and working out. I haven’t worked out since Week 5 of my pregnancy. Pretty much all I can manage right now  and have energy for is to wake up, go to work, then go home and sleep 😦

Anything making you queasy or sick: When I smell strong perfumes or body odors. Yuck! I’ve had to walk out of a room before because someone was wearing a really strong cologne. This happens often at work.

Gender: We still don’t know. But I passed by Baby Gap store and wanted to buy baby boy clothes. I don’t know why? Maternal instinct?

Wedding rings on or off? On, must be the bloating because it’s getting tight.

Looking forward to: I’m really looking forward to announcing our pregnancy to all our family and friends. I also can’t wait for the 1st ultrasound scheduled in a few weeks.

On one of my worst night this week, I video chatted with my niece and she cheered me up! So cute.

IMG_2282 IMG_2279 IMG_2281


  1. Thanks for sharing – I know a few girlfriends who ended up wearing their wedding rings on a necklace during their pregnancies due to swollen fingers. Have a Great Week:)

    • Thanks for the idea. I was actually thinking about that idea too but never really seen anyone do it. I’ll just have to find a really sturdy necklace and that won’t easily break, I would be really bummed if I lose my wedding/engagement rings while wearing them as a necklace.

  2. Ugh! That initial sleepiness is ridiculous! You looked great despite feeling yucky!

  3. Eeeeeeeh! I am still so excited for you guys. I love hearing about the cravings!

  4. Awwwwhhhh, your niece is such a cutie. 🙂 I’m glad to hear your update on how you’re doing! Good luck with the next weeks ahead! 😀

  5. Hard to believe how something so small could make you feel so exhausted!! I never believed it was that bad until I experienced it for myself. Making a life is hard work 😉 The good news is that it passes. You look great by the way 🙂


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