1st Trimester – What I Ate

Note from the future:  My appetite is definitely back now that I am well into my 2nd trimester. I am still craving salty food. Here’s the journal I wrote about the food I ate during the first few months of pregnancy. 


I would consider my morning sickness  mild, but it was still rough to get through some days being nauseous all day.

I carried crackers in my purse, I had some on the bedside table and especially at my desk at work. I love these crackers from Trader Joe’s.


Having access to ginger chews all day also helped. I also carried these in my purse and my car.


I did not have energy to cook  so I ended up eating out a lot, but I tried my best to eat something nutritious and not eat too much junk food.  Food wasn’t really appetizing and I would rather go to sleep than eat. I ate to get some nutrients and not necessarily for taste.

I felt the best in the morning and that’s when I had an appetite too. I ate a lot when I could, knowing at the day progressed, I would feel worst and lost my appetite.

My go to breakfast is oatmeal, but I now love eating eggs. I think I’ve been eating a dozen eggs a week since I got pregnant.



By lunch time, my cravings for salty food would kick in. My pre-pregnancy lunch was usually a huge salad that I would pack the night before. After I got pregnant, I immediately lost my appetite for raw vegetables 😦

If I had any kind of vegetables, I wanted it cooked or seasoned with something salty.

Daphne’s lunch plate.


Fries. I really try not to over do it on eating fried food but french fries tasted so good. I craved this chicken sandwich from work at least once a week.

IMG_2474 IMG_2473

Dinner was usually lunch leftovers. Some nights, I would go home and just to go sleep and snack on crackers when I get up for potty breaks in the middle of the night.

On good nights, I would make frozen banana soft serve. My first trimester was during the peak of summer, so these healthy treats helped cooled me.

IMG_2483 IMG_2680 IMG_2482 IMG_2684

Around 11 weeks, I started feeling better and I made an effort to spend time outside and get some fresh air.

Spending time at the beach at 11 weeks pregnant.


Kayaking with the husband at 12 weeks pregnant



  1. It is amazing to me how differently pregnancy impacts everyone! Glad you found foods that worked for you. I love those ginger chews 😉

  2. You are so fabulous. I adore you. I love the egg+avo combo so much. I actually just made an egg salad with avocado and hummus. And yes, I ate it for breakfast. 🙂

  3. Wow, you are absolutely glowing. All your food looks so good. I’m glad your morning sickness is slowly going away with the second trimester.

  4. Glad to hear your appetitie is back! Have a Great One – thanks for sharing:)

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