Fall photoshoot with my niece

I spent the afternoon with my niece, taking pictures of her frolicking in the garden. I love taking pictures, a ton of pictures. It’s even better when the subject is so much fun to play with.


My sister dressed her up really cute.  I wish I had outfits like my niece when I was little. Instead I sported a bowl cut and wore tomboyish clothes.

We are using these set of pictures for Christmas cards and so we tried to make it look like Fall, even though it was about 80 degrees in SoCal when we took these pictures in November. We even went out for frozen yogurt afterwards.

I have a feeling that when our little one arrives in March, I’ll be the type of mom that will take thousands of pictures of my baby 🙂

One thing I learned from taking portraits of kids….it’s very fun but also challenging. They have short attention span with instructions and after a few minutes of posing, they would run away and play. The best photos were the ones I capture while she was playing and just being a kid.

collage 1

I just wanted to share these pictures. I’m proud that I took them and I am even more proud to be an aunt to this beautiful little girl, so full of joy and it just makes me happy.


How cute are these little calves wearing small Uggs? So adorable.

IMG_3949 IMG_3957


IMG_3972 IMG_3965

IMG_4003 IMG_4002

IMG_4013 IMG_4008

collage 2collage 3


Here are the blooper shots. The extra fun moments.

The “I don’t want to smile anymore” shots.

The “I just want to play and dance hula” pictures.

The “I am soooo over this” pictures 🙂

collage 4

What a fun day it was!


  1. Your niece is so adorable! These are awesome pictures, Lea.

  2. She is just SO beautiful and SO precious! Such a little model she is! She should be one, so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing these pics! You have such great photography skills!

    Hope you are feeling well! ❤

  3. She is SO beautiful! And she totally has the best clothes. Come take Kay’s pictures!!

  4. Your niece has the GREATEST SMILE – love your photos – thanks for sharing:) Happy Saturday!

  5. Such beautiful pictures. Your niece is a treasure.

  6. Theses photos are lovely! That hair…omg! Gorgeous!

  7. Ahhhh she is so freaking cute!!! I just want to eat her up haha 🙂 I actually really like some of the blooper shots. I think candid photos are sometimes the best ones. I really like the bottom-right and the one where she’s throwing leaves.

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