{Recipe} Banana Blueberry Muffins with Almond Flour

I have been a snack monster recently. I eat small meals and eat snacks in between. I noticed that if I start my day with high protein foods, I can better control the hunger pangs that I get all day long. Before pregnancy, on days that I was very rushed, I can survive on black […]

life in pictures

The month of January finds me at 29-32 weeks in my pregnancy.  I look at my growing belly and I get more and more excited to meet the baby. I’m feeling well over all, but I have my days where I don’t get enough sleep and I’m ready to nap and call it a day […]

Salads – Packing on the Veggies

After the holidays, I felt the need to hit the restart button when it came to foods that I was eating. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, I ate too many heavy foods during social gatherings. I ate too much sugar and I definitely did not have enough activity. It was cold and I promised myself […]

{Recipe} Greek Spinach Crescent Rolls

  Pregnancy Babble – 3rd Trimester Now that I am well into my third trimester, I am seeing more changes in the last few weeks  with my body and how I’m feeling than I did the entire pregnancy. One of the things that is happening lately is the lack of sleep. I can go to […]

Recipe: Spinach & Cheese Breakfast Casserole & Weekend Things

Weekend Things {1} How’s the new year treating you so far?  My weekend was relaxing. I actually took it easy because I had a strained muscle on my stomach last week. – Cher and I watched the movie “This is 40”. I was entertained and the movie had some funny moments, but it just surprised […]