{Recipe} – Almond, Coconut and Apricot Granola

My pantry is filled with large size mason jars, I buy them in 12 packs at Target. I have slowly replaced our plastic storage containers with the glass mason jars to store our grains, beans, nuts and homemade granola I bake and stock up on the weekend. I have been making granola in big batches […]

Valentine’s Day Celebration – Bestia Restaurant in L.A.

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration. This is our last Vday as a family of two and Chris gave me a very sweet card, in which he signed it from him and baby :),  so cute. Valentine’s was celebrated during the whole week, and I was happy to be surrounded by pretty things, love […]


working…..long hours now, getting ready for maternity leave soon.  I’m going on my maternity leave in a month (when I am 38 weeks pregnant), so work has been very busy lately. I’m putting in a lot of hours, training and putting finishing touches on some projects. I am really looking forward to just resting a […]

{Recipe} White Pizza with Peppers and Artichoke

I don’t know exactly when something becomes a tradition, but we have been making pizzas in our house quite often recently and it has become our Friday night tradition. The weather is cold right now and when Friday afternoon comes along, all I can think about is resting my feet, putting it up and spending […]

High Altitude: 16 – 17 weeks

We announced our pregnancy to close family and friends when I was 16 weeks pregnant. It was so exciting to share the news with everyone and it was great to see everyone’s reaction and surprised faces. I remember thinking at this point that I finally have a baby bump (when in reality and after looking […]