working…..long hours now, getting ready for maternity leave soon.  I’m going on my maternity leave in a month (when I am 38 weeks pregnant), so work has been very busy lately. I’m putting in a lot of hours, training and putting finishing touches on some projects. I am really looking forward to just resting a few weeks before my due date and hopefully I can get some peace and quiet before I give birth.

painting……We are spending our weekends getting the baby’s room ready. We are not rushing to complete it, since we are planning to have a co-sleeper in our master bedroom after the baby is born but I would love to get most of it done. The hubby is currently painting the baby’s room. I chose the neutral colors below. Yellow and grey are colors I’m enjoying now and I love being around it, I even have outfits with this color combo.


eating…..plenty of soups lately. We had a rainy week last week and having soup for lunch and dinner just felt so good for the soul.  There’s a Boudin Restaurant nearby and I love that they offer different soup flavors daily.



drinking……fresh juice from blood oranges. I have been juicing and drinking blood oranges almost daily. They are just so refreshing and these are a good way for me to stay hydrated. I am drinking a lot of water (hopefully it will help with the swelling), but water can be boring some days so I mix fresh juice and water to add some flavor.


IMG_4753 IMG_4776

crafting…..with my friend Cher. We spent one night crafting and watching a movie. It was our first time making party pom poms and we are very proud of how they turned out.  We used these pom poms for my baby shower last week. They will get more use when I passed them along to another mommy-to-be friend who will use it for her baby shower next month.


celebrating…….Chinese New Year last weekend. The city we live in has a neighborhood parade during Chinese New Year but we always want to avoid the crazy crowds and traffic so we make sure to leave our area during this time. However, we still wanted to celebrate in our own way thru food so we ate Dim Sum on Sunday.  I usually stick to eating Chinese broccoli, steamed shrimp and tofu dishes. But I indulged and ordered their delicious egg tarts. I love that they were fresh, creamy and not too sweet.


IMG_4784 IMG_4783


  1. SO close! Crazy/exciting!! The colors for the nursery look just perfect. I just bought 2 blood oranges (I’ve never had one!)

  2. Hang in there only a little bit longer! I remember it being so crazy at work before I went began my mat leave. It was so nice to be done and have a little time to reflect on the big changes that were coming. Hope you’re able to have a little down time before the baby comes. I was lucky that way; our little peanut was 10 days late.
    The nursery colors look great!

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