….And Baby Makes Three

  hello friends! Our precious baby boy is here. On Wednesday, March 20th at 12:11 pm, we welcomed Bradley Hawke into our lives.                               Baby is doing well and at his first pediatrician appointment earlier this week, he has gained almost […]

Pregnancy Update – 1st Week of Maternity Leave

Here’s a baby bump picture from 2 weekends ago, when I was 38 weeks. This picture was taken this morning…39 weeks and 6 days! One day away from due date!!! 39 weeks – Pregnancy Update How far along: 39 weeks 6 days. One day away from my due date!!! Maternity clothes: At this point, I’m […]

{Recipe} – Snickerdoodle Cookies

Passing the time…..   I’ve started my maternity leave this week and the house is cleaner than ever. Chris and I have been working non-stop to clean everything and get things ready for when the baby comes. It sometimes feels like it is Christmas Eve. I will have the biggest gift and blessing right around […]


I’m in the home stretch of my pregnancy. 38 weeks and counting this week. I’m still working. Tomorrow was going to be my last day, but I’m still feeling good and my doctor warned that baby might come a week late, so I’ve extended work for a few more days or so. Here are snapshots […]